Friday, December 20, 2013

Cum, Cum and Dare I Say, Cum Again!

It's dark.

I'm filled.
My skin is electrified,
like really electrified.
I have goose bumps and 
feel my heart beating so hard and fast,
I'm sure it's actually audible.

I feel…with a lack of sound 
and absolute darkness,
I feel.  

and it's erotic as hell!

He walks back down to the basement
and turns the lights on.

"Oh, look at you, fiona.  
You look beautiful."

He takes the dildo from my mouth
and I flex my jaw.
I hadn't realized it was sore,
but with it removed, I'm now aware.

He rustles through the bag again…
what the fuck was I thinking putting that stuff in the bag?

He lifts my body up as far as my wrist cuffs will allow,
which is all of about six inches.

He grabs one nipple and quickly grips 
and twists and tugs it into a small peak.
He then attaches a clamp and 


It's clearly been too long.

He makes short order of clamping the other nipple.

My breathing is …


I'm panting.

I'm almost panicking.

He pushes me back down on the pillow
and the clamps bite into my nipples.

I'm about to say it's too much,
when the dildo starts to move.

He's fucking my pussy, hard and fast
and that, combined with the pain
makes short order of an insanely intense


(ya, cum)

He slaps my ass, hard, with his hand
then yanks the dildo from my pussy.
He fingers me and
makes me cum one more time.

As I lay, panting, overwhelmed,
he unties me…wrists and ankles.

He directs me to lay down, on my back, on the floor
where he has pillows placed for me to lay on.

It seems to take forever for me to process…everything.

I hear him tell me, but then 
I'm literally working on making sense of what he's told me,
then I'm working on making my body move…inch by inch.

I very awkwardly, 
and UNgracefully I might add,
flop down on the pillows.

He kneels down beside me and 
hands me the gigantic purple dildo.

He nods at me with that knowing look.

I know what he wants and 
I spread my legs wide and 
insert the gigantic purple dildo into my
well used and soaking wet pussy.

I'm embarrassed to say
that it slipped right in.

Oh, God, I feel like such a slut!

But it feels…so good.

I move it, without request.
and his eyes sparkle.
He's pleased with HIS little slut.

I keep masturbating myself
and he bends down and kisses me,
deep and possessively.

Then he bends over me…


It's one of the most erotic things for me,
I have no control…he's fucking his slut!

He shoves his cock into my mouth,
and I suck with reckless abandon
(and masturbate with reckless abandon)
but before he starts to move his hips,
I feel his hand…
He removes the nipple clamp!

AHHHHH… the blood rushes back in,
he slams his cock into my mouth.

my mouth is open, trying to scream,
but being stifled by his cock slamming into the back of my mouth.

Oh, god….it's overwhelming.

He does the same fucking thing with the other side and 
as soon as the blood rushes in,
His cock hits the back of my throat,
the dildo shoves inside…and

We cum!
His cum spurting deep into my throat as I swallow around his cock
and I cum…squeezing the gigantic dildo.

Man, when Sir goes all out, 
He goes ALL OUT!

This was truly one of those epic play sessions…
and we dragged ourselves….somewhat dazed…to bed!


  1. Dayum! Way to go Sir Q ;)


  2. Wow Fiona. Wow. Ditto what P Surren said.


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks ksst. It was … pretty amazing!


  4. words......just two took it to a new level.
    hugs abby

    1. hehehe…thanks abby. It was amazing!



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