Monday, December 16, 2013

Spanked into Submission

….Sorry about the delay.  I had to be out of town for a bit.  Thank goodness I took notes =)

where was I???

Oh ya, I was horny as hell…primed and….
have to put a kid to bed…mood killer!

OK, children to sleep
…appropriate time waited
….ready to go!

I come back to him laying on the couch.

I stand beside him and he pulls me on top of him.
He talks to me about being …

more submissive.
About taking another step.
(what the fuck is he talking about?)

"Look at me, fiona."
My stomach does a huge flip and 
I suck in a breath meeting his eyes.

I so want to be … pliable, submissive, a good girl.  
"Please, Sir."  I quickly take in a breath and continue,
"Please, spank me and use me."

Oh, my desires of early have returned with a vengeance.

When he walks down the stairs,
I'm standing next to a table,
the toy bag on a chair.

My hands are clasped behind me 
and my eyes are cast down.

He thoughtfully puts the pillows on top of the round table.
I strokes his hand up and down my back,
then gently, but solidly, pushes me down, over the pillows.

He reaches into the bag and pulls out cuffs.
He attaches the wide velcro cuffs to my wrists and ankles.
He then attaches my hands and ankles to each of the table legs.

I am well attached, but can still move.

There is something about being attached…
it is so freeing, so liberating…all I can do is stay there.

He takes the pink dildo which is still inside of me
and fucks me hard with it until I cum.


He doesn't stop.  He keeps going.
He keeps moving the dildo, in and out.
He keeps going.
He builds me up again and I'm quickly 
falling over the edge again.


He doesn't stop.  He keeps going.

A lot of orgasms, being yanked from me,
my legs literally give out and my body lays
limp over the table.

He moves and gets something…
But I'm so exhausted, I don't move.

He grabs my hair, pulls my head straight back
and taps my cheeks.
"Open, fiona."

I open my mouth and he
sticks the gigantic purple dildo into my mouth.


It's so ridiculously gigantic, it barely fits …
the tip barely fits!

He walks behind me again and rubs my ass.
"I want you to count, fiona.
Count to 100, then moan when you get there."

Oh, my goodness.  He is doing EVERYTHING right!


I work hard on counting in my head.
He starts slowly - moving from cheek to cheek.
Nothing too hard.
I'm doing really good for the first 40.
After 40, I getting to wriggle a bit.

After another 10, he stops.

"No wiggling, fiona.
You need to stay still, when I put you somewhere."
He's rubbing my bum while he's explaining in a very serious tone.
"When you wiggle, you will be punished.  
That way, you will learn not to.
Do you understand, fiona?
Because you were wiggling, 
I will teach you the lesson right now.
I don't like to teach you these lessons, fiona.
But I do need you to learn.
You have to ask, fiona."

Oh holy hell!
He removes the dildo in my mouth.

"Please what?"
"P.  Please spank me."
"You have to be more precise, fiona."
"Please, Sir, help me learn not to wiggle.
Please teach me this lesson."
"Please spank me."

So…he did just that.  
"Count these out loud, fiona.
There will be only three,
but they will be very hard.
You need to learn self-control, fiona.
Do Not Wiggle when I spank you.
Do you understand?"
"Yes, Sir."

He spanks….
with that blasted metal spatula!
The sting quickly turns to an amazing

He spanks me the three times and 
they make a serious impact
mental and physical.

When he was done he continued.

"Do not wiggle, fiona.  
Keep Counting from where you were."

Oh, ya, I forgot that part.

I think He was at 40.  He begins back with his hand.
At 60, It's no longer hard for me to no wiggle.
I'm totally into it.  I'm there!
They are no longer stinging, 
Each stroke is delicious,

The switch was turned!

I was in a wonderful place!

When he hit 100 strokes, I moaned.
He didn't stop until ~125.

He reaches between my legs and 
fucks me hard with the dildo inside my pussy.
He quickly pulls another orgasm from me.

He rubs my ass and explains that 
I need to do the same thing…
count until he hits 100 and then moan.

He begins and I'm not processing as well.
Orgasming has made me more sensitive.
He's also spanking significantly harder.

when he hits ~30, I wiggle…just once.
I stop and hold myself still.

He stops too.
"Oh Fiona, I'm sure you are not to wiggle 
and you did it again." he says.

"Ask me for what you need to help you learn not to do that."
"Please Sir, spank me very hard so I learn not to wiggle."

He spanks me with the metal spatula,
SIX fucking times.
I'm amazed that it didn't break…seriously!

"God girl.  Do Not wiggle.  Remember to count"

At 100 I moan and 
once again, he spanks a bit more,
stopping at ~140.

He rubs my ass.  Rubs and squeezes.
Then he quickly masturbates me to an amazing cum
As soon as I cum, he goes back to rubbing.

"So, fiona.  On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate your submission?
How submissive do you feel?"

I think for a minute.  How in the hell do you evaluate that?
He removes the dildo in my mouth.
"Um, eight, Sir?"

All of this spanking…I may be more than an eight…
Oh, it feels so good!


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    1. Thanks Amy - and thanks for commenting!!


  2. Welcome back. My fingers have melted to the keyboard. Can't type much more.... too hot....

    1. hehehehe!!!!! Oh, DF, you make me giggle!!!


  3. WOW....He was pushing my buttons and i am only reading about it! Very hot.....
    hugs abby

    1. LMAO! abby - you are too funny!


  4. My little bottom would have been on fire with that much attention! Yikes, Fiona! A hot way to reach submission. I loved hearing it. Thank you!!

    1. Oh Mickey, my - not-so-little-bottom was most assuredly ON FIRE!!!!

      and oh ya, I was well on my way to insanely submissive!


  5. WOW!!! I can almost feel the burn!!!! Well done Fiona!

    1. I know…I think there was a temperature spike in my region from the heat emanating from my ass!


  6. Wow. Very hot Fiona. Sir Q is amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing,


  7. Wow, very hot! Thanks for sharing this story. :)

    1. Thanks Kenzie! Thanks for reading =)



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