Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sir has been quite particular with me recently.

Not everyday, but periodically,
he's been giving me commands as to how I dress…

Wear a skirt.
Don't wear panties.
No bra.
Wear a dress.
Be comfortable.

and so on.

Well this week, he had me wear a dress or skirt for several days.

He also told me to ask for permission to wear panties and bras.
He said that frequently I will be allowed, but I need to ask.

So this week there was a day when he was feeling very…



I was commanded to wear a skirt and top with no underwear or bra.

He thoroughly enjoyed the easy access to my ass and pussy and tits.

Not an hour went by that I wasn't fondled, spanked, fucked, masturbated.

At one point, he took his belt off,
made me kiss it,
then tanned my hide…

I have bruises today,
unlike I have ever had…
and they have made me smile all day long!

His enjoyment of the spanking has been obvious.

Mine is easily seen as well, when he "checks to see" if I am enjoying it.

I still marvel,
I still don't quite understand…
why does he like to spank me?
what makes him hard…how can he possibly get hard from spanking me?
what is enjoyable to him?

I don't get it.

For me…I love Love LOVE it!
I am grateful and appreciative.

….and love my bruises that sometimes accompany a good through spanking!


  1. Sounds like a great week.

  2. Does it turn you on? add to it, in some way when you have to kiss the implement of his choice before its used on you?

    I ask because its something that really does it for me, and i cant quite explain why!


    1. Ya, tori! It seriously turns me on! It's something masochistic about having to kiss the implement…having to get the implement…having to ask for it. It's part of the power exchange…it's me submitting. I don't know. I just does!


  3. Who knows why we enjoy, just glad that we found something that is good for me and him. Sounds like a fun day

    1. Amen! I am grateful that it does something for both of us!!


  4. I have no idea why I want my wife to strap or paddle my bottom until red and sore, but I do. And she is the loving wife who merely says if you want it, I will give it, no questions. I love her and her hard spankings.

    1. Hi Baxter! Thanks for commenting! Spankings are a gift! Seriously! The endorphins are insane! Finding a wonderful person to spank us is beyond lucky!!


  5. I was worried that something must be wrong with me to want Jack to spank me. I was also a little disturbed that he liked spanking me so much. I started doing some research and what I came up with is it's the act of submitting that is so sexy, plus the ass is an erogenous zone. I also am shy to admit how much I love my bruises. It's not so much I'm a masochist but I think of the bruises as a souvenir..

    1. Thanks for commenting Diane!!! Glad to see you here. Oh it is an erogenous zone…but the endorphins from the spanking are…a gift! The bruises as mementoes are icing on the top :)

      I am glad that you found out there is NOTHING wrong with you!!



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