Sunday, February 8, 2015

Floating Away

I woke snuggling my Sir.
He was on his back
I was tucked to his side.

As with most mornings,
I began to stroke his morning wood
and sucked him to awareness.

In his sexy husky morning voice,
Sir told me that
when he told me to go to bed tonight,
I was to get out the pink dildo,
put a condom on it,
lay it on the bed beside me
and present myself,
ready to be fucked
in the ass with it.

My ass has been off the play list
for what seams like...FOREVER

Well, I kind of had it in the back
of my head all day,
but also knew that we frequently
had other things come up
and we would not follow through
on morning conversations.

tonight, he looked up and said,
"I will go check on the kids,
you get ready for bed."

as I got up to go to bed, he added,
"fiona, remember what we discussed
this morning in bed."

I ran, not walked, to our room.

I got naked...
put clothes in the dirty clothes bag...
went to the bathroom...
brushed my teeth...
stacked three pillows on top of each other...
got the dildo out and put a condom on it...
laid the dildo on the bed...
climbed up on the bed...
putting my knees on the edge of the bed
and my stomach over the pillows
with my chest, head and hands flat on the bed...
presenting my ass and pussy to Sir.

When he came in, I couldn't see him.

He touched me, rubbed me,
pinched me and then left me.

He got ready for bed,
alternating touching and ignoring me.
it was so heady.
I was so needy and horny and wanton
(synonyms, I know...and yet I was all three!)

Then he began spanking me.

He started with his hand and warmed me up.
Then he proceeded to use the crop.

I'm sure my ass was quite red and HOT
by the time he finished.

I was certainly flinching and moaning and
by the time he finished.

Then, uncharacteristically,
he rubbed, caressed and
scratched my ass.

When he began to scratch,
that pain/pleasure point was in perfect unison
and I almost came right there.

Then, he put lube on the dildo
and my ass.
It's been so long, and I've wanted it so much
and missed it so much...
and then..
he was pushing.

I immediately wished I had kept my moronic mouth shut.
What the fuck was I thinking
I had WANTED this??

Crap, stop, please stop.
It hurt and I was anxious,
and as it went it,
I swear I almost hyperventilated.

I was trying to escape.

"take it out, take it out, take it out!"


"Breath, fiona.
I'm not taking it out. 
I want you to breath.
It will pass."

Knowing he wouldn't stop was huge.
I got a grip,
pulled up my figurative big-girl-panties
and relaxed.

I felt the moment when it changed.
The pain went away.
My body relaxed,

and the ouch went to ahhhhhhh.


he began fucking my ass
hard and fast and slow and steady.

no particular rhythm

and it was Ohmygodohmygodohmygod

My senses were totally overwhelmed
and overrun and 




and I can't remember anything else
but floating and feeling fabulous!


  1. wow so very hot i just read the hairbrush and then this. i almost came for you

    1. Hehehehehe....thanks ml! I apprecaite that!


  2. Ah, the moment it all goes hazy - wonderful!

  3. So fantastic and isn't it great when you get to the point of floating away. Such a lucky lady.

    1. It is so fabulous when I'm allowed to float...though most frequently, he requires my presence and doesn't allow me to float away.


  4. Smiling, what more can I can beside I'm jealous.

  5. Wow! Perfectly HOT
    Is it often that you ask to stop and he does?

    1. Thanks kitty.

      Sometimes...though most of the time he stops when HE wants...but every once and a while it's when I want.


  6. Eeee, this sounds a little scary! I haven't tried anything...uh, back there, yet. Not sure if I will ever get the courage to do it, either!

    1. Oh Autumn...with preparation, lots of lube and the right person - it is INTENSELY AMAZING!



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