Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tucked In with the Hairbrush

I think Sir has it in his mind 
to retrain my thoughts of the hairbrush.

Prior to this past week, 
the hairbrush was just plain

No, let me refrain that...

It was 




But, after this week,
I may just LOVE it!


This past week, 
several times,

he has laid me over the edge of the bed,
my torso flat on the bed, 
my hands stretched out above my head
and sat beside me, 
putting one hand over my waist 
and holding me to his side,
then patting my ass
with the brush.

He starts off so soft and gentle 
and I am so comfortable and secure
pressed up against his side.

Once I'm well warmed up,
and he quickly increases the 
strength of each blow
until I am ouching
and squirming as much as I can.

My breathing increases
I'm arching my back into each blow

It's stinging but I can literally begin to 
feel the endorphins flow through my body
The sting turns into a warm feeling
and I can feel tingling throughout my body
like electricity is flowing through me
in all the best ways.

But he keeps increasing the strength of each blow.

I know I'm in trouble when he tucks me in.

yet, here's the thing.

Tucking me in is the best feeling in the world,
I'm secure, I'm controlled, I'm at his mercy,
but at the same time, I know he tucks me in
because it's going to be more severe.

True to form,
I am tucked secure to his side,
tight, safe, unable to move


He starts spanking me
firm, stinging, ouch, 

with that brush

but with the amazing warm up,
with the safety and security of being
tucked in tight,

it feels amazing.
it feels painful.
It feels beautiful.
it feels tingly.
it feels hot.
it feels right.


  1. Mmm, I could probably come to love a hairbrush with that application too!! I like writing about hairbrushings, but not so much receiving them. :P

    1. I have NEVER liked receiving them until recently...very very recently. But DAYAM I certainly like them this way :)


  2. Hmm....loving the hairbrush might be a stretch for me.....but sounds like your Sir is on to something.....Tucking in always is the signal for me that the hardest is about to start.....
    hugs abby

    1. Well, I have had a HATE-HATE relationship with the hairbrush. There has NEVER been anything ok about it, until now! I know, tucked in is a bit scary, but also a bit reassuring. I don't think I could take it if he didn't tuck me in.


  3. I've never heard of "warmups " ... what's that? ;)

    Only recently Sir started keeping me tighter to his side. it makes me feel even less in control and more helpless. I LOVE it.

    P.s i missed you

    1. Warm up....he starts slowly and warms up my skin, brings up the color, the sensation, the pleasure, etc.

      You are so right...the helplessness and the control and safety are all mingled together.



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