Sunday, January 1, 2017

Last Day of Vacation

...before he exited the shower, I whispered in his ear, 

"I want you to write a blog post aboutwhat happened in this shower!"

Here's what he gave me this evening.

(keep in mind, we were switches for years
and this sub is a sub at heart...
but can play her Master like a fiddle!)

Today wasn't the first time, but it was memorable.  

Mam came and woke me up from a light nap.  
She ushered me into the bathroom for a shower.

She had to desperately pee and wanted me there. 

She helped me to quickly strip and then all but pushed me 
into the cool shower.
It was warming,
but not fast enough.

I knew what she wanted
and I got on my knees in the shower.

We had been talking about her domination
and my fantasies.

I knew what she was doing 
and I was tingling on the inside!

I bent down and she peed on my face.
Marking me with her scent 
telling me how much she was in control.

After finishing, I proceeded to wash her body
from the sitting position on the floor of the shower.

After finishing, she ushered me to my feet
and asked me if I remembered her fantasy of the other day.

I was slow to admit that I did.

she turned me around and asked me to squat just a little.

She grabbed some cream rinse and before I knew it,
she was loosening my ass and masturbating me at the same time.

I was truly putty in her hands.

After what seems like ten minutes, 
she had milked me dry.

She helped me stand up, 
turned me around,
held me and cupped my sack.

Another stroke of dominance.

I could barely stand but I left the shower dreaming about what lay 
ahead on my last night of vacation.....


  1. LOL It's fantastic that you two are secure enough to switch off like that and just enjoy each other and have fun! That interplay of power is pretty damned sexy!

    1. Thanks Tamar. He's needed a switch for a for the past few weeks, we've been leaning ... more that way.



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