Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fantasy Fulfilled (Part 3)

This is continued from Part 1 & Part 2...more to come...

I am warm, comfortable, and calm.  I feel the enormous dildo in my pussy.   I am secure in my place and His.  As I am bound, collared, gagged and blindfolded, I am exactly how he wants me to be and exactly where he wants me to be.

I hear him walking down the hall.  I hear him open the door.  He walks over to me, pulls up his flannel shirt that was covering me and opens my legs.  He sits on the bed beside me and places a hand on my thigh, gently holding it in place.  Oh that hand is so gentile and comforting, yet wields the power take what he wants.  He begins to masturbate me slowly.

"Now fiona, I want you to tell me if you get sore.  Do you understand?  If you're sore, it's ok. I'll flip you over and use this in your ass.  Do you understand me, fiona?"

"uh-hu" I grunt through the ball gag.  Wow, that threat  statement, fills me with desire, deep and dark.  I simultaneously want him to use The Dildo in my ass and am terrified that I won't be able to take it - it's huge remember.  Oh, what is wrong with me?

He stands up, tells me to leave my legs butterflied.  *FUD*, he flogs my inner thighs.  He hits one and then the other.  Ah, it feels soooo good.  He moves so he's flogging my puss.  The small falls are tied in tiny knots.  They wheedle inside the folds of my pussy.  The larger knots hit my mound, my thigh, Ahhh.  He moves the falls upward and begins to flog my breasts.  It feels so good, but every time a large knot hits my nipple, my back flies off the bed.  It's like the clamps are being removed again.  They are so sensitive!  Oh, how I love to be flogged EVERYWHERE!  It's insane!

He puts the flogger down and leans in.   He sucks my nipple and it feels so good.  It feels like hot velvet engulfing my nipple.

He kneels on the bed and grabs my hair.  He pulls me up - as far as I can go given my restraints.  He pulls the ball gag out of my mouth and commands me to open my mouth.  He shoves his cock to the back of my throat and holds my head there.   As if I wasn't blazing before, I begin to suck like my life depended on it.  I am ravenous.  He reaches between my knees and moves the dildo in and out.  As he reaches a good pace with the dildo, he pulls my head on and off and is fucking my mouth at a pace that matches the dildo.  My mind goes blank and that electric surge, that starts in my core - moves quickly to my fingers and toes begins.  The electricity of my climax then surges through my limbs to my pussy and all of my energy flows to my pleasure points.   I feel so humiliated, so objectified, so used and taken and controlled.  Oh, how I love this!


F  U  C  K  I  N  G

He quickly sets me back down, pushes the dildo far into my pussy, zips up his pants, and walks to the door.  With an evil tone to his voice, he tells me not to move and giggles under his breath.



  1. Oh Em Gee... knocking??? Jeeeepers!

    1. Ya, I wasn't thrilled with the whole knocking thing!

  2. Knocking. ARGH, the knocking. ARGH.

    Though gotta love the "don't move."

  3. Oh my! This is getting better and better.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thanks Julia, It was un-freaking-believable!!

  4. knocking?? ..don't where wold you go??
    Can't wait for the rest.
    hugs abby

    1. I KNOW - right abby...he's so bad!!! (in all the best ways)

  5. Oh my good gosh almighty!!! I am sooo ready for the next part!


  6. Wow. Very hot. I am looking forward to the next part as well.


  7. Replies
    1. Sorry Renee Rose ... I was sooooo pissed about the knocking! I mean - really???

  8. Omigoodness, you are quite the tease yourself!!!


    (Yes, it takes one to know one. lol)

    1. I am soooo NOT a tease (ok...maybe sometimes)...but really - says the woman who has me TOTALLY wrapped up in naomi! I mean, I'm ridiculously hooked!!!

      Thanks aisha!!

  9. I have started my own blog

    princes x


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