Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fantasy Fulfilled (Part 4)

This is continued from Part 1Part 2 & Part 3.  It's also the end.  

I can hear some guy talking to Sir downstairs.  NO, it's not what you think.  I think the damn electrician stopped by early.  He wasn't due until this afternoon.  I must say, hearing Sir conducting the business of our home with someone else - all the while I am bound, blindfolded, gagged, collared and have an enormous dildo stuck in my, now very well used, pussy upstairs is ....  HOLY HELL HOT!

except, ummm...except, he didn't put his large flannel shirt over me, so, umm, I'm not feeling hot.

I breath, I meditate, I - I ...

Shit, I have to pee.

Actually, now I'm cold and I have to pee.

He's talking - what on earth are they doing, it's taking forever.  I can hear them walking around.  Oh My God, are they chaty-fucking-cathys??

I have this mental struggle between the calm of meditation and the knowledge that I am getting colder and colder and have to pee!


I startle myself.  I must have just made that noise.  I hadn't intended to make a noise.  Wow, how did that whimper escape me?  No, focus fiona.

I breath, focus on meditation...

I start to cry, gently.  I'm not aware of it until the tears runs down my cheek.  They aren't able to escape down the side of my head, because the blindfold is absorbing them.  I'm not really that upset, I think I am simply emotionally raw from the system overload.

I am soooo completely consumed with myself, I don't even  hear him open the door.  He's by my side in a flash and untying me.  "What's wrong, fiona?"  He says in a slow and steady, concerned voice.  "I'm so cold and I really have to pee,"  I say.  I expect him to pull off the blindfold and let me up.  I don't move from the position he put me in, though I am no longer bound there.  He places on warm hand on my chest, grounding me, then moves the other to The Dildo.  He starts to move it slowly in and out.  I cum almost immediately.  You know, full bladder and all.

Once he's pulled one orgasm from me, he starts to move the dildo a bit faster.  He's moving it in and out and then side to side - almost stretching me.  He's not being gentile anymore.  He pulls me over to the side of the bed onto my side and moves my hands, still above my head, but pulls my legs so that they are completely open.  I'm half on my side and half on my back.  He unzips his pants with one hand...I guess when your stiff cock is holding your pants in place, it kinda acts like another hand.  He takes it out of his boxers, grabs the back of my head and I instinctively open my mouth.

"Close your mouth, fiona."  Ahhh, no I want cock...  He takes his cock and smears his precum all over my face.  He rubs and smacks.  Oh, how objectifying.  His next command comes with one word, "Open!"  I do and am immediately rewarded with a cock in my mouth.

I am making the  noises of a rabid animal.  I am truly out of my body.   He flips my legs so that I am mostly on my stomach with my head to the side still firmly latched around his throbbing member.  He pulls The Dildo from my pussy and pushes it against my tight rosebud.  OH - OH...I'll need a gallon of lube before that thing is going to be able to enter me, and that's IF it's even able to!  SHIT.

As I begin to panic about the dildo and my tiny, tiny opening (compared to the massive shaft he's about to shove in there), I realize I have stopped sucking on his cock.  He moves my mouth so that his pleasure is not diminished.  If I stop sucking, he'll fuck my mouth just the same.   I don't know if all of the orgasms and endorphins have caused me to leave my body, or if I am just soaring weightlessly in subspace, but I have a moment, where my entire body relaxes.  My rosebud blooms.  My breathing softens and he's pushed The Dildo into me.  My ass stretches to accommodate and the guttural noises involuntarily coming out of my body are unfamiliar to me.  He's fucking both ends of me.  I have
 T H E    M O S T    A M A Z I N G     O R G A S M!

I truly don't know what happened next.  I know that I was on my stomach with a ridiculously large dildo in my ass and a beautiful work of art in my mouth.  The next moment, I look up and for the first time since this adventure started, I can see.  He's removed my blindfold and the glorious Dom of a man is staring into my eyes.  He's hovering over me, pumping his cock into my gushing pussy.  I still have The Dildo stuck in my ass, though it is no longer moving, so my pussy is tighter around his cock.  He pins me to the bed with his gaze as he fucks.  I am really outside of this whole scene.  I see him.  I feel him.  But yet, I don't.

He throws his head back and cums with a scream.  Oh, it's like seeing a wild animal after a hunt and I have so enjoyed being his prey.


I am sore as I write this.  I have have been WELL used!  I have constant reminders of the flogging, the clamping and the hours of fucking.  Every time I, I smile.  I am happy!


  1. HOLY CRAP. now i don't want to write about MY night anymore cos seriously, how does ANYTHING compare with that?

    lol... i'm happy for you.

    1. Are you even kidding me? You're a MESS!

      It was an AMAZING morning...seriously amazing!

      Thanks fondles

  2. Wow. Fantastic night fiona. The visual of you bound, collared and gagged while someone else was in the house was very hot.


    1. Oh, it was really seriously hot to live through, joey. Who knew...unexpected visitors who add to something....though I was more cursing him at the moment it happened =)

  3. A great account of a great experience.
    Fiona, I can feel your happiness flowing from my computer screen.

    1. Thank you so much Bas. I appreciate your comment. It was a truly mind blowing experience!

  4. WOW..that was really intense!! The unexpected 'visitor' just added to the scene. /that should keep you smiling for a few days!
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby. It wasn't something I was AT ALL happy about when the knocking came, but in the end, it was ummmmmm amazing. It has definitely kept me smiling =)
      hugs, fiona

  5. Wowie!!! That's all I can say. Wowieeeee.

    1. *grins* thanks was something!

  6. Phew! Wasn't that something? And wonderful writing as well. You are some lucky girl, Fiona.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Thank yo so much Julia. I am a very lucky girl, for sure!!!

  7. Whoa...seriously, just...whoa....HOTNESS!!!! you ever get to pee, or are you still holding it to this day??? :-D

    1. Thank you for commenting Cassaundra! It was ridiculously wonderful! I did get to pee, but after...I mean really - AFTER?! I think I peed for five minutes.

    2. YAY for the peeing!!! I'll bet after all that time, it felt almost as good as the orgasm!!! LOL!

    3. Oh Cassaundra, It couldn't rival the orgasms, but it was ohhhh so good! Hahaha


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