Thursday, October 29, 2015


"You had the most beautiful look on your face tonight...
one I don't see all the time...
you looked...."

"euphoric" I whispered as I drifted off to sleep in Master's arms.


what a great way to end the night, huh?

The night
(the part past dinner
past kids activities
past bedtimes
past cleanup)
...the night

began with Master sitting on the side of the bed
and cocking one leg on the bed,
the other sitting on the ground.

He motioned me over
and I eagerly walked to Him.

He told me to take off my shirt...

I did - and my bra - cause...duh!

He told me to take off my pants

I did - and my underwear - cause...duh again :)

I stood naked and He ran a hand over my body.
No pinching, no pulling, nothing harsh.

He got to my wrist and put His hand around it and
pulled me over his knee that was cocked on the bed.

I lay over His knee and He again
ran His hand over my shoulders and back
and then around my ass.

He put His far hand on my neck,
binding me in place just as a rope would.

Then He spanked
with the first swat, I felt electricity flow through me.

I needed a spanking so badly.

It's amazing how electric some spankings can feel.
I melted into each stroke - from the beginning.

I felt no overwhelming sting
no urge to stand or twist away.

My body knew I needed this.
I breathed deep, inhaling each impact.

I was breathing hard and cherishing my spanking.

He spanked around each side,
Sometimes spanking quite hard and sometimes softly
He spanked erratically, giving me several together then rubbing

He stood me up at one point and looked at my nipples,
pointing out how excited I was,

He talked to me about the fact that I needed this spanking,
That He needed to spank me (which made me even more gooey inside)
You know that mental part is so important!

He adjusted me over His knee again,
positioning my breasts over His knee.

This time as He spanked,
His free hand pinched and pulled and rolled my nipples.

I was in such a state by the time He finished...
endorphins flying!

When He finished, He stood me up.
He told me to get the gigantic purple dildo and nipple clamps.

I lay in bed beside Him after retrieving the items and
He played with my nipples then told me to put the clamps on.

As soon as the clamps bit into my skin, it burned!
Almost overwhelmingly.

Master told me that as soon as I was starting to orgasm,
He would take them off...suck on them!


He took the gigantic purple dildo and put it in my hand...

"Show me!"  He said.

I worked the dildo into my His pussy.

He talked to me...hands roving over me.
He talked about what He wanted for His pussy...His cunt.
He used those rough words - something He doesn't typically do.
He laid claim to them...they are His!
The mind fuck was perfect!

After His hands had touched what seemed like every inch of my body,
He took the dildo and fucked me hard and fast

I came hard!
just as I started, the hand not on the dildo,
took off the clamps and He sucked.

The pain and pleasure to me is...
The pain of the clamps coming off just heightens the orgasm!

He didn't stop there...He kissed me and then
fucked His pussy with the dildo again...
and again...

Then He pulled the limp rag doll that I was
over His body and fucked me with the dildo in.

When I simply could do nothing but
stare, unfocused,
and smile!
He took my mouth and shoved it on His cock
and fucked my mouth til He came!

As I lay next to Him,
with a perfect smile, contented,
I was


  1. okay, once again I think that I am jealous and a little turned on. The word "euphoric" is such a great one.

    1. make me giggle, Blondie :)



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