Friday, November 6, 2015


I had a really bad day.

Master knew and was trying.
We had lunch together.
We talked and he worked on helping me through.

But by bed time...
I was done.

I was bratting something fierce...
ok - that's not exactly fair,
but Master would certainly say I was being

He abruptly and forcefully placed me over the bed.
He spanked me several times

Oh hell...he spanked the tar out of one specific spot
with his hand...hard.

I could tell, I was in desperate need of a release.
I had bottled up so many feelings
and needed a release.

needed catharsis.

He asked if I was done,
I shook my head no.

He told me he was getting the brush.

Now, I'm not sure if anyone really LIKES the brush...
I certainly do NOT!

But, I knew I needed him to continue with my spanking.
I needed more.

I kept myself still and waited over the bed.

He continued with the brush,
over and over in the same spot as he had spanked with his hand.

It hurt.
It stung.
It was difficult, but it was just what I needed.

He spanked and I worked myself up...
and over...
and cried.

I cried

and cried.

and when I finally answered that, "Yes, Master, I have had enough"
He spanked me three more times,
holding me securely on the bed
and then he snuggled up next to me,
and pulled me to him
and snuggled me.

I was a sobbing mess...but

I was released from my emotional mess
that I had worked myself into.

I was...better.

After I calmed,
He lay me up in the bed,
and he made me cum...
oh dear God, he made me cum.
Over and over, til I was mindless...
and he put me to sleep...
released and renewed.


  1. It is weird how a spanking can put you right again. I know the feeling builds up in me until my Bear spanks me and then I feel like the world is alright again.
    Glad you had release and felt renewed after all that.

    Hugs Lindy

    1. That release from a spanking is so ... insane? amazing? phenominal?


  2. So glad you were able to get that release.....takes a smart, caring man to be a good have one.
    hugs abby

    1. I certainly do (as do you)...I am so appreciative of him (most of the time)


  3. I wish I could have a spanking like that.

    1. I think you do, silly ancilla...with some frequency :)


  4. Wow! So many nights I wish I was put to bed that way. Glad He gave you what you needed.

  5. Joy tells me (in the occasional unguarded moment) that this is the best feeling. And I have to say it generates a good feeling on the Dom side, too...kind of a mix of tenderness and "mission accomplished" all rolled into one.

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, fiona!

    1. It is the best feeling! Thanks for letting me know a Dom side...I appreciate that perspective!

      I had a good Thanksgiving...hope you did as well. Glad to see you around.



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