Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An End To Friday

Sorry for the delay…I typed my notes but couldn't finalize a post until today.

Well, after one hell of a full day,
Master indeed turned off the lights
and announced that we were going to bed
at 9:20.  


Can't remember the last time THAT happened!

He brought me upstairs and …

sadly at this point, I can't remember all that happened.
my mind is pretty mushy!

He told me to get naked
"And no talking, fiona." he added.
I talked, almost immediately
-- but I thought it was legit - I had a question --
Nope, he bent me over and spanked me as a correction.

Then he told me to stay right where I was,
next to the bed,
hand above my head.
He brought out clamps and
after twisting and pinching, he clamped my nipples.

Then, as I was gasping through the burn, 
he left and retrieved the toy box
He set it on the bed and then laid across the bed.
He told me to show him each item in the box.

I proceeded to unlock the box and
pulled each item out and then was told,
leave it on the bed or put in a pile to put back.

We had an intimidating pile at the end
…it made me smile :)

Unceremoniously, He pulled the nipple clamps off,
and as my mouth opened to gasp for air 
as the blood rushed back into my 
nipples, he shoved the dick gag in my mouth
and strapped it around my head.

He then put an eye mask on me
and my world was plunged into darkness.
the first wrapping - prior to cinching them
and binding my hands.  

He then quickly wound my breasts with rope…

I haven't had my breasts bound before…
and have wanted it … 

OMG, He bound my breasts!!

He then re-clamped my nipples 
and attached me…my closet.

I sway back accidentally….ouch!

He pressed up against me from behind 
and kissed behind my ear.

He then stepped back and…
crops my ass….

Oh…the predicament.
I can't move or it pulls my nipples,
and yet, he's all but forcing movement 
by cropping my ass…and NOT softly!

Commands me to widen my stance
and as I kind of scoff…
of course not talking because of the gag…
because - I have no space for motion…

He begins to crop my thighs.

I start to gingerly widen my stance,
until they are wide enough apart
once again…the predicament…
motion required and motion causing nipple pulling.

Then he crops my pussy…
Oh…the overwhelming feelings!
throbbing nipples, bound, gagged, blindfolded, burning ass and stinging thighs and now…my pussy being cropped!

He sais he wants to get the gigantic purple dildo 
and put it in…

"O, ii oooh uuay"

"O, ii oooh uuay"

"Oh you think it's too dry for you to take it?"


"We'll see. You will take it and then you can tell me if it was too dry."

Oh holy fuck…I CAN'T
AND I'm standing up…even harder to get the right angle.

He leave and I hear the condom tearing that will sheath the dildo.


Then I feel the dildo between my legs and I
consciously try to relax.

It's the only thing I can do. 
I'm bound…gagged…blindfolded…

It's really up to him, and in the end,
that's what I really love…
Him taking what He wants even if I don't!

He starts with the dildo and rubs it along my slit.
He starts pushing it in with tiny thrusts…
and I breath and relax and ….

It's going in!  
It's going in and not too painful!
Wow…I'm totally shocked and proud and …
mmmmmmm, that feelmmmmmmmm ahhhhhh

He unclamps my nipples and tells me to move.

He navigates me by the dildo between my legs…like a handle.
I feel so … objectified… and hot and horny and cherished.
(ya, I know, weird, but there you have it)
He KNEW what I needed and was kind enough to give it to me!

He puts me on the bed on my back and lays beside me.
He spreads my legs wide apart and puts my hands above my head

He starts suckling my nipples - which are so sensitive!
I just about come off the bed and his hand is between my legs
and he starts fucking me with the gigantic dildo.

There was a LOT that happened…
he satisfied His goal…he fucked my pussy 
until it was so tired it couldn't cum again…
(and I recall him coming like a fucking freight train as well.)

Oh was this a fabulous end to Friday, or what?


  1. *squirm* Wonderfully written. I tell you, between you and quite a few others on my list, I am never going to make it till Sir gets back on Saturday! lol. *just a few more days...repeats this to herself* :P

    Wonderful post as always. That feeling of being completely bound,gagged,no sight and no control. Nothing beats it. :)


    1. Hahahah…sorry amber. That sucks. The power exchange is such a … OMG!


  2. Wow! What a beautiful start to the weekend. I love it when I have no say, and Sir just takes charge. Beautifully written.


    1. Oh ya! That taking and me submitting…it's sinfully delightful!


  3. WOW...i am now going to have to ask for a permission.....Master did an intricate bonding of my breast once...i loved it, but it is time consuming....No or was a fabulous end of a Friday.....
    hugs abby

    1. heheheh…sorry abby! I adore having my breasts bound. Seriously. I don't know what it is…but damn it turns me on!


  4. oh i have missed your writing, its, its well like being a fly on the wall lol

    i love having my tits bound, i like the feel of it, the tightness, extra sensitive...umm not always sure thats a good thing!


    1. hahaha…I don't know about flies on my walls! Ya…all those things…it's soooo damn yummy having our tits bound. Mmmmmm


  5. Wow, yes! Fabulous Friday! Master likes tying my breasts, he does that almost as often as tying my hands, I think.

    1. You are a very lucky girl…he seems to bind you often. I wish Sir did it more often :) I'm greedy.


  6. DAMN! Sounds incredibly hot. ;)


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