Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Crop and My Flight of Surrender

So, I Playfully tapped Sir's bottom as he walked past.  
I shouldn't have done that.  
I know.  I really do.  And yet. 
And Yet, I simply can't help myself.  

He rounded on my immediately, with an air of hostility.
He grabbed a fist full of my hair, right at the base.
He squeezed his fist and pulled my hair.  
At the exact same time, he pushed my head onto the bed.

He spanks my ass hard with his hand, 
but as I have jeans on, it's simply thuddy.
He then lets go and tells me to pull my pants down and 
get back into position, as he walks away from me.  
He follows that up with an authoritarian, "NOW!"

I do so and feel him behind me again.  
This time, it is not a thud, 
it's an off the bed, hands to my ass,
scream for mercy thrash with his belt. 
Oh, holy hell.  He left is all on the line there.

He commands me to get into position, hands high above my head
of course adding in his growl of "Now."

I comply, but warily.  I remember to breathe.
He lashes my ass with authority.  
It is hard.  I'm having a hard time processing.
I'm focused on breathing and staying in position.
"You like the belt.  Isn't that what you said?"

He's so right.  I do like the belt.  But it hurts.
There's been no warm up.  
He was pissed.  He wasn't playing around.
He's whipping my ass and it fucking hurts. bunch?  Oh hell, I have no idea how many,
He stops and declares, "Clear off my bed.
I want you back in position with the bamboo - NO, with the crop."
He adds as a warning, "And you'd better hurry."

I stand and rub my bum.  I'm sure I'll feel welts.

I look in the mirror and see amazing red stripes.
Oh, it's like my most exciting Girl Scout Badge of Honor!
I quickly put things on our bed away grab the crop.
He lays on his side of the bed and he commands,
"Grab a pillow, put it at the end of the bed and lay down, fiona."
I do so and quickly lay on my belly, 
assuming he's going to continue his assault on my ass.
"No, fiona.  Roll over and put your hands up."

I roll over and put my hands up and hold on to the root rail.  
He starts with the crop, rubbing the leather nub across my nipples.
After he has rubbed it to a stiff peak, he begins to crop.
He hits them hard.  Consistent and straight on.  
It stings every time he hits it. 
Typically when he hits my nipples, it turns to a lovely burn.
But he's hitting dead on and hard and it stings.

When he's assaulted my nipples sufficiently,
he pushes my knees apart.
YIPEE (what the fuck is wrong with me, right?)
He begins to softly crop my mons.
He crops around and then periodically over my clit.
It's not directly on my clit, it's my lips.

It feels so so good.
He's not zeroing in on any one spot.  
"Are you in subspace?" he asks...
OK so I find that hilarious...him actually asking - matter-of-fact-like
besides the fact that he knows the word.  
I'll have to ask him where he learned that 
as he doesn't read any blogs that I don't put in front of him.

"No." I reply simply.  
He rubs the tip of the crop down - outside of my hole.
Oh God I want!  I beg for him to fuck me.
Fuck me with the crop.
Fuck me with his finger.
Fuck me with...ANYTHING.  

He takes the crop back and begins assaulting my mons again.
He crops down over my clit and back to my thighs.
I'm breathing more, quicker.  
My clit is sensitizing.  I can tell.
He wheedles the tip of the crop into the top of my lips.
Opening my pussy.

He goes back to cropping - hard.
It feels soooooo good.
He rubs the tip against my whole slit.  
He further opens me up.
I'm now completely exposed and 
He crops directly on my clot.

Oh I cum, hard!
I see stars, literally.
My whole body trembles while my insides convulse.

He commands and I roll over.
He crops my ass, but now I AM floating.
I process that he's striking, but I feel nothing.
I'm jelly, relaxed and enjoying the ride.
I respond to nothing.  I simply am.
I am like an objective outside observer in my beating.

Then he pulls me out...out of my flight of surrender.
I can't remember how he did it, but I clearly remember him doing it.
I didn't want to come back down.  
But that is where he wanted me.  
So here I am.

He continues his assault on my ass...
but now it hurts, now I feel, now I respond.

He pulls my hair and bends me so I can suck his cock.
His beautiful hard cock.
He gives me this gift to suck and I relish it!
I suck, I stoke, he crops. 

He crops my thighs and feet 
as I lick and suck and worship his cock.
As he's getting close, he sets me atop his cock
and fucks my pussy so we can
cum together and collapse.
What a flight my Pilot, my Sir, My Dom took me on!


  1. Ok, writing this story was just cruel! Because now I want to masturbate and I CAN'T. Waaaaah!

    Loved it, BTW.

    1. hehehehe....I am so glad you liked it ksst! Thank you. I hope masturbation is allowed soooon. Why can't you?


  2. You should 'tap' him more often if thats the response lol


    1. IDK, it started out wicked...just turned fabulous. It COULD go the other way too...where I just piss him off. hehehehe


  3. What an amazing response, and glad you found the subspace (did you ask yet how he knows?)

    1. It turned out pretty fucking awesome - THANK GOODNESS!

      I just showed him your comment and he said, "Because I'm a smart guy."
      I asked if he was really sticking with that answer - or if he would let me know how he learned about it.
      He said he was sticking with it. So, cammie, there you have it :)


  4. Fiona,

    All that for a tap on the butt. Wow. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Ya, I know better than to tap him at this point...but the results are swift and noteworthy :)
      Thanks for reading.


  5. Once when Master and i were walking in a park i picked up a twig and gave his bottom a tap...i have not done it since. Your response was much hotter than mine!
    hugs abby

    1. I'm on the edge of my seat...what was his response?????


    2. A switching out in the woods....not all bad:)!

  6. Wow. I tap mine on the butt all the time. I'd probably do it more often it the response tended toward this. :)

    1. hehehehehe....thank God he doesn't read here...I wouldn't want him to change his reaction.


  7. hot! Man what is up with them making us keep our hands above our heads??? Just cruel! Amazingly, deliciously cruel!


    1. Thanks baby girl. Ya, I know...except, I love that control. Oh control rocks my world!!


  8. LOL! I discovered that I was unconsciously licking my lips as I was reading your story! Maybe I will get lucky like you did one of these days:-)

    1. hehehehe....I love that!!! You made my day with this comment. Having read your blog, I think you you've gotten quite lucky =)


  9. Replies
    1. Thank you Renee...I appreciate that!!


  10. Wow Wow! Sir Q is sexy… you are a lucky girl, fiona.

    1. I read him your comment. Thank you, I find him to be the man of my dreams!! I AM a lucky girl!!


  11. I love this story. What I picked up on more was when you wrote about his mentioning subspace and wanting to get you there. I thought that was great. When Dave started getting a little more adventurous was when he began picking up a few more books, reading a few blogs, and researching a few things on his own; this excited me; it let me know it was meaning more to him, he was investing more in our relationship. I just found your blog and I need to go back and read more of your past posts, so I hope I'm not off base in thinking that perhaps something similar is going on and that's how he knew about the subspace. Surprises are fun.
    I really like what I've read of your posts so far. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thank you Jacquie. I am glad you are enjoying my posts.

      He says he's a "Smart guy" and that's how he knows. He's not reading. Sadly. Or not. I don't know.

      He is very committed to us, to our relationship, thank goodness! We've been together for well over two decades. I am a very lucky lucky person!!



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