Monday, June 15, 2015


Ok Blogland. I need some advice. 

Best place to purchase....

Padded, leather, locking cuffs and collar

Spider or O-ring gag

Nipple clamps 

We're looking at purchasing some new items and would appreciate your advice. 


  1. I'm a fan of The Stockroom, myself.

    There's also discount codes listed on my favorite webcomic, Oh Joy Sex Toy, for their favorite stores (15% off at The Stockroom and other good stores):

    Happy shopping!

  2. We have purchased a lot of equipment from Fetters, expensive but really good quality, which in some cases, its worth paying more for a very high quality (they deliver outside of the UK but thats going to make it more expensive.

    or there is extreme restraints, another good quality site

    have fun looking x

  3. I have had good results with Sinvention products. They are very well made and they have good service. They will even do custom products (though I have not done this). Their official web retailer is:

  4. We don't have a favorite. I am kind of tired of the selection on Adam and Eve, Stockroom is good, But I have really found some great items on Amazon, don't tell Ty though


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