Friday, June 12, 2015


Well..there are a lot of new rules at my home.

Each morning Sir is bathed by me.
I loath NOT a morning person...
but I do love washing Sir.

I put on his shoes and socks like I always have.

I have to send Master several pics in the morning.

I have specific jobs each day.

I am required to look "beautiful" for Master when he comes home.

I have to get Sir's clothes out for Him before he goes to sleep.

We are having a log of fabulous sex...
and He's mastered the use of the Magic Wand on me.

He is holding me accountable.
Punishments and rewards are being tracked and given...

I have to say, I am working harder...
loving our shift in dynamic.  LOVING IT!

My ass has never been so bruised...
but I'm learning a lot,
thrilled with where we are,
thrilled for the consistency,
thrilled with US.

I am so thankful to Master...


  1. I love reading how you two are progressing. Yes, there are tough times, but you are definitely becoming stronger and creating something wonderful.

  2. And...i am thrilled to read this. I think the one word in your post that all of us need is consistency. And it requires a lot of work.....Love the journey you are both traveling.
    hugs abby

  3. Sounds great. Glad things are progressing and going well.

    Consistency is an amazing thing. Wishing you the best.


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