Monday, February 4, 2013

My Hand

"Roll on your back," he says.

He's rubbing pussy.

"Give me your hand."

He positions MY hand on my pussy, then pushes my finger through the folds

"Touch yourself - masturbate for me."

Gently his hand moved back up, stopping to circle around my bellybutton then dip inside...making me squirm.

He moves his hands up to my nipples - rolling, tugging, kneeding, squeezing.

"Move your fingers inside...I want to hear.  Are you wet?"

Oh, my pussy was overflowing with the natural silicone that changes my pussy from being dry and textured to being smooth and slip-and-slide soaked

"We need to do this more often. You don't masturbate enough for me."

"It's because I suck at it." I say

"Well, we'll have to practice.  I want you to masturbate for me - feel this?  (he pushes MY fingers inside my pussy and covers them in juice)  I like it.  I want you to touch yourself more often.  I want to hear you pleasuring yourself."

He mounts me, stops, looks down at me as his cock enters.
"Oh fiona - you are wet.  You are gushing.  You are such a slut.  Look how wet you got just by touching yourself.  Oh, you are a good girl."


  1. Awesome. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Master says..and He is right...I give myself an orgasm...He gives me ORGASMS!!!LOL
    hugs abby

    1. Oh, ya....that is SOOOOO PERFECTLY TRUE! I don't think I have ever, ever thought of that, but that is sooooooo true. I can't wait to say that to Sir. He will love that!


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Renee, I appreciate that!



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