Sunday, October 20, 2013

Attentively Cropped and Spanked

Sir was being a sweetheart and 
spent the evening having a wonderful family night.

I showed him an email from a friend that said,
"you need a nice long spanking from [Sir Q].
OTK with the hand gradually building up in intensity
with lots of rubbing."

He smiled that wonderful smile of his and it warmed me.

As bedtime approached, and kids were asleep,
we locked up the house and went up to bed.

I was tired and thought he was too.
Unexpectedly, he quietly told me
to get undressed and get over the bed.

I was nervous because I wasn't feeling it.  
I wasn't feeling "in the mood" for ... anything.

I remembered that I wanted to say yes to him...
I got undressed and walked over and lay over the side of the bed.

I listened to him rummaging around and putting things away.
Then I felt the caress of the crop.
I felt the soft touch of the tip as it rubbed around my bum.

The crop left me and returned with a *Sting*
Oh, it's only been about three weeks and seriously...
I know it wasn't hard, but it really stung!

He continued, and he was more attentive to my body than he typically is.
He noticed when my feet would kick up behind me
signaling that it was pushing my ability to absorb the strike.
He reduced the intensity or moved where it hit.
Resulting in building the warmth in a wide region.

He cropped my ass - thoroughly.
He moved to hit my thighs periodically as well.
He rubbed as my leg started kicking-up again.
Oh, his rub, after he has cropped or spanked me feels so...

He flipped me over on the bed and spread my legs.
He let the crop tip trail over my body.
It trailed over my belly, 
over my pussy, 
up my sides,
over my nipples and back down.

He cropped my pussy and when I attempted to close my legs, 
firm hands pushed them back into position.
No censure, just calm reassurance that this wasn't an option.

He cropped my nipples and toyed with them.
They hardened quickly to sensitive tight nubs.

He flipped me back over and returned 
with his hands this time, to my ass.
His rubbing turned to squeezing and grabbing.


He walked over to the wing-chair beside the bed.
He sat down and told me to come over and lay across his knee.

It took me several seconds to comply as I felt a flutter of butterflies 
and needed a minute to catch my breath.
I stood, naked and flushed and walked over to his waiting lap.

His arms outstretched, loving and possessing at the same time,
He eased me over his lap and held me close.
I loved feeling him, loved him holding me tight,
loved the return of his hand to my skin.

He spanked, not as hard as he can, but not light taps either.
He was pushing me, stretching my now limited tolerance.

Unlike he has done frequently in the past, he stopped abruptly
and let his fingers delve down into the folds.
He dipped inside and plunged into my pussy.
"Oh, you are wet.  What a good girl you are, fiona."

That made the butterflies flutter a bit again 
and my breath caught.

He pulled out and continued spanking.
I was gratified that my body was responding.
I was thrilled that he was pushing me.
I was thrilled that we were connected!

The rest of the evening is kid of a blur.
There was sex.
There was an orgasm for him which made him scream.
HE screamed.
He NEVER does that!  
It was wonderful to watch him come apart,
and to know that I helped that happen.

There was also an orgasm for me...
which took a lot of time to get to...
but that he didn't give up on!
Dear lord, I do LOVE my Sir!


  1. fiona,

    Yeah. I am very happy for you and Sir Q. Just remember what you always say, you use it or lose it. So, I expect lots of posts from you with typical hot spanking scenes and lots of sex.

    Big Hug,

    1. Hahahah...I just said the same thing to Sir at lunch today. I hope to be able to oblige =)
      but, you also know it's two steps forward and one to four back.


  2. Ah......What a great way to start my day, glad this is my first stop! I am so happy for you.
    Crops and Masters' hands.......a magical combination.
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby. I was happy for me as well, but my favorite combination is floggers and Sir's hands...but a crop did nicely as well. Though my tolerance is insanely low at this point.


  3. Really happy for you, having the connection and completion :-)
    Hugs DF

    1. Thanks DF. I'm thrilled for it, but desperately want it to continue - we'll see.


  4. He's a good one, no doubt!! i'm so glad you're back...



    1. Thanks sofia. He is a good one. I hope to be back...but hope more that it's a steady pace forward...knowing that it isn't that easy.



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