Saturday, October 26, 2013


We get ready for bed and
I work on putting piles of clothes in the kids rooms

By the time I've brushed my teeth and peed
and put on a night shirt (sexy - huh),
I figure he'll be out.
He was exhausted earlier.

I finish and I hear him say,
"Go shut my door"
"locked or unlocked?" is my question.
"locked." he replies with kind of a chuckle.

I lock the door and walk back to the bed.
"get the hairbrush" he commands.

Dread...actual dread fills me.
I'm not feeling it all.
I'm trying and I'm committed, but
the hairbrush - really?
That just hurts.
I've not had any spanking and he's always so harsh with it.
and it HURTS - did I mention that?

Crap!  I am hoping to jump start my system.
What if that just turns me off completely.

So, I have all of this dialog flying through my head
as I voice none of it and walk over to the bathroom drawer
and retrieve his brush and walk back to the bed.

"lay down on the bed bedside me, head down."
he commanded as I handed him the hairbrush.

I laid down and buried my head in the sheets.
Oh, I didn't want him to spank me with THAT.

To my utter amazement, he started off so gently.
It didn't hurt!
It felt fine.
No, wait,
It felt better than fine.
Not great, but each stroke felt like a ... smack.
Not really stingy.
Not really thuddy.
More of a smack on my ass.

He was moving the brush around, covering each cheek.
He also seemed to alternate his intensity
between very light and moderate.

The moderate smacks elicited a moan into the sheets.

Oh, I'm actually not hating this!

He then changed and found one spot and began to assault that place.
Over and over and over, he would hit, still varying in intensity.
I could tell, though that heat was infusing that place.

His moderate smacks with the brush were pushing my tolerance
and my legs were moving and my hips...

I'm all of a sudden aware that my hips are moving...
almost pumping...they are rhythmically moving up and down.

He smacks a couple of hard smacks and then
rubs - ohmygod if it isn't velvet.
His hands caress and it feels like he's rubbing in the heat
rubbing in the love and the care and the smacks.

I know that sounds so counterintuitive,
but the rubbing is loving and sensual and I'm feeling so good.

He picks back up the brush and begins again.
This time, I'm moaning with each strike.
This time, I'm feeling the blood pumping through my body
the wetness between my legs
the wantoness rising inside of me.

Each strike and my hips are flexing
Each strike and I'm moaning
Each strike and I'm wanting more.

He stops.


No rubbing, no striking, nothing.

I'm not moaning, but my hips are still moving.
"Ask for it, fiona."

"please." I squeek out.

"Please what?"

oh, shit.  He's going to make me say it.
I am going to be good for a week....I need to be obedient.

"please spank me with the hairbrush."
"oh, good girl, fiona." he says almost taunting me.

I lift my hips, without thought, I lift my hips!
Oh, god I want this!

He smacks me, moderately hard and it hurts.
But I do want this, I want him to spank me.

just the one smack.
then nothing.

raising my hips up higher, I quickly ask
"please sir, spank me with the brush"
"please sir, spank me with the brush"
SMACK"please spank me" 
SMACK"please spank me" 
SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" 
I'm screaming into the blankets - my hips are writhing - I needed this!
I would never have dreamt that I would be begging for that fuckingbrush!
But I am...I am begging...with everything I have...PLEASE!
SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" 
SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" SMACK"please" 


  1. fiona,

    You are so sadistic. You start this incredibly hot story and just stop in the middle.

    Sir Q is awesome!

    Please finish it for us.


    1. I didn't stop in the middle...I stopped where it was meant to stop =)
      and I was a switch for...a long yes, sadistic I can be.


  2. Yay!!! Fiona this is so great. Seems someone's getting her groove back ;). I'm all smiles reading this.


    1. Thanks P. I appreciate it. It's a slow and steady with WAY to many set backs...but oh well.


  3. Ahhhhh...Sir knows you better than you know yourself ( and i personally sometimes hate it when that happens to me....other times tho.....). Good for you for sticking to your pledge! You post started off me day with a smile.
    hugs abby

    1. I'm always amazed when he knows me...and remembers that he does. He can be rather absent minded.



  4. fiona, this is so wonderful to read.....can't wait to read your wantoness encounter..

    1. Thanks HS...I hope to work on that.


  5. Yay, sounds like things are returning to normal for you. :)

    1.'s a very long know?


  6. When you start asking with your hips you know it is coming back. :-) I take it the smack, please cycle didn't go on for ever. (thats a polite way of asking what happened next).
    Hugs DF

    1. Well...sorry about the next was ... sex...cumming...moaning =)

      But that hips part...raising to ask for more. It's so betraying. I love and hate it at the same time as I seem to have no control over it.


  7. :D

    This is fucking awesome. I am thrilled for you, sweet friend!

    (who is a bit desperate for some smacks herself...)

    1. Thanks nilla. I need some more my self. I need to get consistent with it...but life keeps getting in the way!


  8. hmm I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :)


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