Saturday, November 16, 2013

From Soft to Hard to Soft

"Would you like to have my lips around your cock before we work on scheduling or after?"

"After, I won't be able to think after, so let's get this done." after we worked on our schedules, he started working on...

I don't know what, but he was off and working on something.

"So, I waited patiently, may I suck on your cock, Sir?"
"You're right, you have waited patiently," he said as he put his computer aside
and leaned back in his chair.

As I knelt down, I looked at him.
"Do you know how many husbands would love to have their wife --"

His hand caressed the cheek he just smacked.

My comment was all but forgotten and my eyes closed.
My breath caught, my stomach tightened and my pussy got wet.

"Do you want to continue that comment?" he asks gently
as he continues to caress my cheek, threat implied.

I shook my head and started unbuckling his belt in earnest.
I opened his pants and immediately put my mouth on his cock.

As he had just been working, he wasn't hard.
I sucked his soft cock into my mouth.
The head is so soft and suckable.
It's extraordinarily comforting, suckling at a semi-hard cock...
and I say suckling, because that's what it feels like.

It's amazing to have it harden in my mouth,
inch by thickening, firming, erotic inch.

I begin to look up at him and his hand grips the back of my head.
His fingers pulling my hair together to form a ponytail handle.
The minute his fingers tighten, my pussy has another surge of electricity,
wetness creeping down, energy spiking, need bubbling inside.

I moan, audibly and begin to move more quickly.
He's fully erect in my mouth now and he feels so ...
exquisitely perfect in my mouth,
with my tongue sliding up and down the vein
and circling around the head,
and moaning as he increases the pace.

He's fucking my mouth.
My head is trapped, I'm not allowed to move.

I need his cock.  I desperately want his cock.
"I don't want a drop on my pants, understand me?"

I moan.
That control, that dominance.  He's got me.
The pace we're going at is insanely fast.
He starts to come and his hand holds me sill on his cock.

I suck and suck, holding the spurts of cum in my mouth,
suckling each and every drop.

My head doesn't move.
I can feel his cock softening again.
I hold his cum and cock in my warm sucking mouth and
simply breath and come down off of my high.

I had no physical intimate touching and yet,
I am satisfied by this act.

I suckle and breath and feel his cock and am present to him.

When he's decided it's been long enough,
he pulls me off of him and I open my mouth
and show him his cum.

"Oh, fiona, you are such a good girl!"
I smile...that smile.
That satisfied, submissive, ecstatic smile.

We're both very content.


  1. Fiona,

    You are a good girl. Thanks for sharing your special moment with Sir Q.


    1. Thanks joey. It was fabulous...settling and connecting.


  2. i can't describe it, but i love when Sir is soft and i suck Him hard. It puts me in ecstasy feeling Him grow in my mouth. Beautiful recant. Love this post!

    1. It is amazing, awe inspiring to have them grow in our mouths...feel that...feel them cum...know the pleasure our mouth could bring. Thanks HS.


  3. Hmmmm....thanks for sharing. Pleasing Him, maybe knowing we have that just so satisfying.
    hugs abby

    1. i think initially this was the exact reason i fell in love with giving blowjobs. yummmm!

      thanks for sharing Fiona. :)

    2. Thanks abby. It is a heady experience (all puns intended)...and yes, so satisfying.


    3. Thanks fondles, it was wonderful to give him this.


  4. Replies
    1. Ah, me too SG. He was squeaky clean!


  5. Sorry I'm late. This is hot. I love that sharp slap across the face. I don't know what it is, but damn it's hot!


    1. You're never late and I'm thrilled you commented, P. THANK YOU!!!

      Oh, me too...that slap does crazy things to me...there is an insane string from my cheek to my pussy. Same fucking string that attaches to my nipples. UGH. AND he KNOWS it!


  6. As Sir and i were cuddling yesterday evening, His arm was around my shoulder with His hand wresting on my forehead as i was reading this post ( sorry for being late :p ) .
    After i was done reading i smiled at Him and started to fan myself.... :-)

    Sir started laughing and said : "I felt your body temperature rising as you were reading"

    LOL. :-)


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