Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life, Belt, Life

So, he took me into the basement.

It is a beautiful finished basement,
but currently pretty unfurnished.

It was evening and we were swapping holiday decorations.
Life.  Busy, busy.
After we put away the things we needed to,
he pulled me up tight against him and kissed me.

There had been no sexual innuendo,
no teasing or taunting,
no lead in.

He kissed me and put his hands in my hair and
pulled my head to the angle HE wanted.

He put his other hand on may ass and
squeezed and pinched and
began to smack.

There is a table and chairs in the basement
and he spun me around and pushed me down on it.

"Ask me for it, fiona." was his command.
"Please, Sir." I quickly retorted.

"Please, what?"
"Please, spank me."

"Please spank me what?"
"Please spank me, Sir."

"That's better, fiona.  We need to work on that, fi."
"Yes, Sir."

I heard it.

His belt was coming off.
Holy shit, there is NOTHING sexier than the sound of

a thick

being pulled through its loops

being doubled over

getting ready for a strapping.

Oh, my stomach was so full of
hyperactive butterflies
I could hardly breath.

I stretched my self across the table and held the other side.

My ass was there and ready,
as was my mind!

He struck and it stung and
the heat was were the endorphins.

He struck across one side - then the other.
He was hitting over my pants so he was not going easy.

It hurt, but I wanted it.
I could feel my ass raising up,
asking for more.

I could hear my moans, but not protests.

I could feel my nipples hardening.

Oh, I needed this.

He spanked, hard with his belt for a while.

Then he stopped and he was done.
He was putting his belt back on and

spontaneously, I turned around,
fell to my knees and
kissed his cock,
through his pants.

I buried my head and he reached his hand down
and petted my hair and stroked my cheek.
"Thank you thank you thank you thank you."

Then he reached down and pulled me up.
He kissed my forehead and we were off to continue on with our evening.
Life continuing on.


  1. Yay for stolen moments and leather belts. :)

  2. I'm sure all these little moments will congeal together and grow into something bigger.

  3. Replies
    1. me too mamacrow. I so needed that!


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks HS. My bum was certainly HOT!!
      (other parts may have been as well)


  5. I also love Master's is leather..but that sound of His pulling it thru the gets to me each and every time. You two are getting there, taking stolen is the time of year when everything bets busier...keep looking for those moments.
    hugs abby

    1. It's that whole experience. Pulling through belt loops and snapping it together and the head trip with the physical followthrough. Oh, mommy good!

      I'm hoping for more of those moments.


  6. fiona,

    The doubled up leather belt is my favorite implement. Glad you had fun with Sir.



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