Monday, November 25, 2013

The Dam Broke

I asked...actually asked.

"Sir, can you take a few minutes to take me to the basement and...
...and use your belt, or hand, or...anything?"

"I'll make a point."

Now, Sir has a way of forgetting things...on a regular basis.
It's quite infuriating for someone who forgets almost nothing.

He went to lay down with one of our children who was struggling and...
That's that.   He's going to fall asleep.


yup, he fell asleep.

As 11:30 came around, I decided it was time to go to bed.
He steps out of her room and says he'll be down in a minute.

Are you kidding me?  He's exhausted and I'm now tired.

As I finish turning off lights and locking doors,
he appears at the bottom of the stairs.

He's got a crop in his hand and swats my bum.

"Let's go."
I argue with him, that I understand and am grateful that he remembered,
but that he's tired and I'm ready for bed and we should go up to bed ourselves.

After some back and forth, he agrees and up we go.

We get ready for bed and snuggle under the sheets, lights out.

He spoons and pulls me close to his side.
He reaches his hand around and begins to play with my nipple.

He's rolling and squeezing and
Dayam, he pinched hard but immediately went back to
rolling and squeezing and flicking and rolling.

I'm starting to moan and my hips are beginning to move
Traitorous hips!
When he's finished getting me thoroughly worked up,
he moves to the other nipple.
"Can't show favorites"

By the time he's done, I'm a puddle of desire!

He rolls me onto my back and inserts his finger.
He begins to finger me and it's feeling good.

He leans his mouth down and sucks and nips at my
seriously over sensitized nipples.

He knows that edge of pain with pleasure makes for a heady sensation!

He continues fingering me,
curling his finger up inside my pussy.
He's hitting just the right spot and I can feel the pleasure rising,
hitting a fever peak.

He bites on my nipple and
fucks my pussy hard with his hand and
I cum...Oh holy hell do I cum.

My body tightens, my hands go up over my mouth
to stifle the scream emanating from my mouth.
My entire abdomen is in spasms and ...
I can feel the gush of fluid as I squirt.

He doesn't stop there, he rides it until my tremors stop.
Him continuing to finger me as my pussy pulsed
made the orgasm last so much longer.

When he pulls his hand away, he's drenched.
Oh, holy hell, I would be mortified, but I can't....
I feel so completely sated.  Nope, no regret or embarrassment.
Just pleasure.

He rolls over and I DIVE for his cock.
Oh, it's so so very hard.
You know, sometimes his cock is much longer than others.

This time, I can't get near to the end without seriously gagging.
I'm typically pretty good at that, but dayam.

I suck and kiss and lick and suck and bite and suck.
He grabs me and throws me on top of him.

I whine that I want, I want, I need his cock in my mouth.

He slaps my tits as I sit on top of him and it acts like a switch.
I become a wanton slut.
I ride with reckless abandon.

I'm all in!

I feel...oh hell...I start to cum again.
It's strong and at some point, my body freezes.
I can hear nothing and cannot move.
All feeling is centered around his cock in my pussy.

He holds me in place and lets my body return to me.
I figured he'd cum and his hot cum squiring caused the orgasm.

Then he starts to move and ... nope, he's definitely not done.
He pulses into me, hard and fast.

It's like that first orgasm was an earthquake,
Causing fissures in my Orgasm dam.
Squirting, opened up the fissures, releasing some water.
Now, fucking has broken the dam.

He fucks hard, continuing on and I cum again.
I just can't believe it.
They're mind-blowing - each one.

I can't even remember how many times I came before he finally did.

"God, I love you. " he declares. 
"Feel better??
"Oh, my God, I love you too.  I feel....ohmygod, that was amazing."

I remember just a few days ago asking if he thought I would ever squirt again.
So many times this fall, he would finger me and I just didn't feel anything,
then I felt pain or discomfort,
then I felt pleasure,
then, euphoria!


  1. oh -- just lovely
    I am so pleased for you


    1. Hi B! Thanks for commenting!
      and thanks, I was pretty insanely pleased as well =)


  2. Fiona,

    You made my day!!!!!!!!! I am very happy for you.


    1. Thanks joey....right back atcha =)


  3. Oh, my friend...when you make it back, you do it in a big way. Good for hubby for not giving in to the late hour. I am so happy for both of you!
    hugs abby

    1. Go big or go home, abby =)
      You are so right, I'm soooooo grateful that he didn't just go to sleep. It was fabulous!


  4. Replies
    1. hehehheehe...
      Thanks mamacrow!


  5. Yeah!!!!
    Sometimes, when we're least expecting something, is when the best happens.

    1. Isn't that the truth. I so needed a was PERFECT!!


  6. Replies
    1. Thanks ksst. I was so elated, it was silly! Couldn't stop smiling =)


  7. H-O-T! So happy for you! Way to go, both of you! :)

    1. Thanks Kenzie. Glad it was H-O-T....I was soooo happy!


  8. *sizzzzzzzzzles* that fiona HAWTNESS is back!!!! (glad I had to wait til I got home to read) ....

    So very happy that you both had such a grand time!!!!!


    1. hehehehe. You made me giggle gk. I'm glad you found it hawt =)

      I am thrilled we did as well.



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