Monday, April 7, 2014

Filled To Overflowing

Holy Cow!  
I don't even know where to start.

Last night I was filled to overflowing,
literally and figuratively!



Ok…let me rewind.

Sir has been really …


With a capital D.

I am beyond grateful.  
I desperately need …
YES - N.E.E.D. that!!!!

So yesterday he was clear about his expectations.
Sadly, after parenting
and household chores
and my homework
we were getting to bed later than we had wanted.

I was exhausted and Sir was tired,
so I thought we may forgo any type of activity.

Um…I guess not.

As soon as we were in the room,
he walked stalked up to me
and stripped me.
(I love him taking my clothes off!)

He roughly turned me around and
bent me over the bed.

He walked away and pulled out our toy box.

He took out a loop of rope and 
bound my wrists together and 
tied it to the other side of the bed.

The act of tying me up is 
so erotic to me.

The letting go, 
mentally, physically.
It's immediate and complete.

After feathered to the bed,
he returned behind me and
began to spank
with his hand
just a few

Then he switched to the cane.
He started slowly and seemed to
hit 20 strikes, then a hard one.

He struck my ass…all over.
My foot popped up at one point,
after a particularly hard strike,
(you've done that, right??)
Well…that resulted in my foot
being struck rather harshly
with the cane and a 
strict reprimand to stay in position.

I have to say, having him hit my feet…
was a great reprimand.

So…things get fuzzy.

Sir was requiring me to look at
some videos that he had found
and if I got - I don't know - distracted maybe
by the beating my ass was getting,
he would ask me what was happening in the video.

He wouldn't let me fly.
There was no subspace.
There was the moment,
and like it or not,
I was to be present to it.

OK, So I liked it!!

He then commanded me to put my knees on the side of the bed,
effectively putting my ass high in the air.

He lubed up my ass completely,
then gently, thankgod, gently,
slid the LARGE pink dildo into my ass.

As soon as it was inserted, up to the imitation balls,
He let it sit there and spanked my ass again.

When he had enough, he switched back 
to fucking my ass with the dildo.

It was intense.  Seriously intense.
In retrospect, now that I'm sitting here typing,
I'm praying that I didn't scream too loud.

He fucked hard and fast and I came and came.
He shoved it in and pulled it AllTheWayOut.
Then he shoved it back inside.
He repeated this over and over and over
and over and over and over and over.

My ass was so loose, it was insane.

He shoved it in and then walked around the bed.
He pushed my shoulders flat on the bed and 
lay in front of me.

I asked him if I could lay down,
and he said no.

I have no idea what he did or how long it was
felt like forever.
He just had me on my knees
chest on the bed,
hands bound and tied out in front of me,
with a gigantic dildo in my ass and he…

After a llllllooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time,
he got back up.
He pulled me forward a bit, 
as my hands were tied,
just to get me so he could clamp my nipples.

He clamped them hard and back,
then pushed my chest back to the bed.
I was breathing through the pain,
through the intensity, 
when I felt him behind me again.

He was there in a split second, 
I swear.
Then he…
ohmygawd, this is so embarrassing.
Then he….

That is soooo embarrassing to admit,
I don't know why.

He fit that enormous purple dildo inside of me
WHILE the large pink dildo was firmly seated in my ass.

He gave me a minute to adjust and
then he fucked.

He fucked them hard,
in and out.
The purple dildo he didn't take all the way out,
but the pink one he did…

my slutty holes were so stretched out
and I felt like such a whore.

I felt so turned on
I felt so humbled
I felt so at his mercy
so submissive
so desirous
so horny
so fucking good!!!!

I came like a motherfucking freight train…
over and over and over.

I don't know what happened…
between the insane orgasms and 
him pulling me off the bed…
my hands untied,
everything cleaned up,
shower started.

I was sooooo cold.
I know that the endorphins mess with you,
but I can't remember being so cold before.

He led me by the hand to the bathroom,
he took out my ponytail,
took off my jewelry,
and put me in the shower.

I washed my hair, and when I rinsed it,
he was standing on the outside of the shower.
He commanded me to come to him.
I stood, still inside the shower,
and he reached in and with the soap and washcloth,
washed me…head to toe.

I felt so taken care of,
so cherished,
so protected,
so loved.

It was one of the most intense nights of my life.
And he made it extraordinarily special!

What a lucky girl!


  1. WOW;;;intense to read about...i bet in person...crazy intense. I have had the swat on my feet for the same does work....and after all that intensity, He was so gentle and caring..washing you...Yes you are lucky...for so many reasons.
    hugs abby

    1. He's never swatted my feet before, but yes, I'd agree…VERY effective. He's not typically into aftercare so much…he's usually so exhausted…but I was so in need…like never before. And he was perfect! I felt…so cherished.


  2. oh wow, holy cow indeed!
    The being left in position on the bed while he just relaxed... Hooo boy yes!

    Btw, I get the 'being cold' thing sometimes too, and for me it's an early warning signal that I'm heading for subdrop. Usually now I can catch it - after the session it seems to be key to wrap up and make sure I'm warm, get lots of cuddles, eat/drink something warm etc, be gentle with myself and all that, and avoid the sub drop. Just mentioning in case it's useful info for you xxx

    1. Thatnks kitten. He does that (leaving me to relax or read or watch tv or something) periodically. Makes me crazy sometimes…most of the time. I'm so not patient. That's the point, I suppose. I don't typically have much of a sub drop…thank goodness. But that cold was wicked…can't remember ever feeling quite that cold before. But he was wonderful and caring.


  3. WOW, OMG, YOWZA!!! What else can I say!

    Lovely aftercare and well done SirQ for filling you to overflowing!

    1. He's not typically done much aftercare….other than snuggling…but it was PERFECT. I so appreciated it!


  4. A submissives dream come true : being used, owned and cherished

    1. It is definitely my dream…to be used, owned and cherished. It was beyond fabulous!


  5. That was capital H hot! Wow. Just wow. (Random lurker here. Had to delurk for this one.)

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for delurking!!! Thrilled to have you comment! You are always welcome here =)

      It was unbelievably hot for me…for sure!



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