Thursday, April 17, 2014


My afternoon was…

so many things.

For me, in a word, it was renewing.

I laughed,
I thought,
I listened,
I talked
(I did not boss too much - yea!)
I was entertained,
I was inspired,
I was intrigued,
I was embarrassed,
I was comfortable,
I was content.

I started out with hugs for sofia and her Sir
then met sofia's Sir's family
and their beautiful, darling, amazing new members of the human race.

Oh…they are very, very cute!

those little grunts and stretches
those ridiculously itty-bitty fingers
and a mama who is beaming, deservedly so.


We went to lunch, sofia, sofia's Sir, and me.
sofia rode with me and we followed her Sir.
I paid absolutely no attention to where I was going,
it was nice to just follow… ;)

We sat at a booth and talked for…
a looooong time.

I had planned on a couple of hours and
it snuck into three hours…
and I could have stayed and talked for much longer.

We told stories,
shared histories,
and solved the worlds problems.

sofia's Sir did tell me about her birthday…
and it starting with her spanking.
sofia turned fire-engine-red and she covered her face.

We also delved into the topic of a dungeon
in a town that we have all been to (the town not the dungeon,
only her Sir had been to the dungeon).

I loved that we could delve into kink and vanilla alternately
with no awkwardness.
What a gift!

What was most wonderful was to see how her Sir
talked about her.
At one point sofia went to the bathroom and
he waxed poetic about what she does and who she is.
He was very clearly proud of her.
It was so … really inspiring.

Three hours was fabulous and about 18 hours too short!

After I got home…I texted sofia…
"why didn't we take a picture???"

UGH - sorry :(

sofia is comfortable, supportive, content, easy
(no…not THAT easy) easy to get along with and be around.

Thanks again for lunch sofia (and your Sir),
and thanks for your friendship!


  1. Omg, you are so kind i don't know what to say. And i'm on the run all day today - can't blog you til later - but your turn is coming. <3 It was so much fun!!!



    1. Thanks for taking so much time…I loved it :)


  2. That is great that the two of you and her Sir had such a great time. It's always nice to be around people who share the same interests and lifestyles. Hope you all can get together real soon

    1. We did have a fabulous time. It is something special to meet others with similar lifestyles…we are so lucky.


  3. Yay! Hope you get to do it again soon :)


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