Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Dom and Three Subs and The Gift Of Sharing

OK…so it's been a week since I was 
with sofia and nilla.  

Wow… seems like so much longer.  
Vanilla life just takes over!

Well…I had a couple of memories I wanted to 
capture so I can go back and remember…later.

So, Saturday night (last Saturday night)
after we had been to the music festival all day,
we got dinner from an off-the-chain-amazing restaurant
and brought it home to eat.

We sat in the kitchen and checked in with our families,
brewed some tea (oh…nilla is a total tea aficionado!)
and chilled out for a bit.

When sofia's Sir came home, 
we all got our food and sat at the dining room table
and ate a great meal.

We also commenced an evening of wonderful conversation.

It is so refreshing liberating to be able to 
discuss…uninhibited, unfiltered, all in.

Well, I was probably more "all-in" than
sofia's Sir would have really wanted…
but he kindly didn't kick me out…
though there was discussion about the fact
that he only had two tethers and three sub missives
sleeping in his house!

So we had deep, meaningful conversations,
we discussed the world,
we discussed our children,
we discussed schools 
   (of which I have differing opinions/experiences than sofia and nilla)
we discussed our blogs
we discussed spankings and marks
we discussed the kink community
   which I found fascinating, because I'm not active (have never been)
   in the community outside of blogland.
we discussed that mother-fucking-brush
   sofia's Sir had no idea that was so dastardly…or why ;)
   sofia shook her head … A LOT.

We laughed and laughed…
   there were sexual and kinky innuendos flying!

It was the most fabulous evening's conversation…
just never having to catch yourself and not share…
never to change verbiage to cover your submission
   (or His Dominance)

At the end of the night, we all said goodnight 
and went to our respective beds.

nilla and I talked a bit more,
once dressed for sleep,
while nilla brushed and braided her hair.

I laughed…and brought out my brush…
I have a wooden version of the 
mother-fucking-brush that Sir uses for 
holy-hell-that-hurts spankings.

I showed her the brush and 
we looked at the brush she was using to brush her hair.
They are the same shape and size,
but hers is the injection-molded-plastic
and mine was wooden.

I told her that the injection-molded one is the one that hurts,
mine, while being the same shape and size, was more thuddy…less stingy.

She held out her arm and 
I took both brushes and smacked them against her arm.

Indeed…she agreed…that mother-fucking-brush stings!!!!

Then we got the brilliant idea 
(Can't remember weather it was nilla's or mine)
to take them upstairs and show them to 
sofia's Sir so he could see, 
first hand,
what we were talking about.

So we rushed…like silly school girls,
with the hair brushes to show him.

her Sir tried them out on his thigh and 
thought about them and seemed grateful to see them ;)

The whole experience was very funny to me.

When I got up ridiculously early to leave,
actually waking up before my alarm clock (yikes),
I dressed quietly and went upstairs to use the bathroom.

As I walked to the stairs,
I notice the crop hanging on a door handle…
which combined with the hooks in the ceiling that 
I had noticed the night before
put a smile on my face.

I went up to the bathroom and when
I entered the hallway…what did I see?

sofia' tether with a long rope leading to 
her bedroom door … that was closed.

sofia's Sir made the most exquisite tether…
the rope work is gorgeous!

I gathered my things and as I crept to the front door,
I thought about what a gift blogging has been,
Virtual and Online/IRL friends have been.
I let the cat inside so hopefully sofia could sleep a bit more
and walked to my car and 
began the long drive home. 


  1. Wow, that sounds like the perfect night with friends. And what a brave man sofia's Sir must be to hold court with the three of you ;-) I'm curious though, what is a tether used for? I assume it's a type of rope?

    1. I know, can you even imagine. I know there was a time or two where I shared more than I'm sure he wished. I'm rather un-inhibited verbally when I'm allowed :)

      sofia's tether is used to secure her when she sleeps. It's a wonderful ritual they have. I think it is amazing. The tether is attached to a large heavy block.


  2. fiona,

    I am glad you had the experience with two kinky friends. It is so terrific to be able to communicate about kinky stuff with people who understand. The SCONY weekend is five days of communicating with kinky friends with lots of play mixed in as well.


    1. It is wonderful…so liberating. I would LOVE an entire weekend with all kinky people.


  3. What a fantastic time you had! It must be great to walk around somebody's house, see all the kinky trappings and not feel out of place or embarrassed by it all.

    1. It was so much fun…I had a fabulous time!


  4. Sounds let the real you out, knowing that you are safe.
    hugs abby

  5. OMG, i'm just now seeing this - i get email when you publish, but it's delayed. It was a magical night. You really capture the wonderfulness of it. Thank you so much.

    I've been living in a vortex since then, and am hoping to quit spinning long enough to write about that wonderful weekend myself. Til then, i can't tell you how much i enjoyed reading this and remembering that night. Yep. Magical.



    1. I love writing because it gives me something to go back and read! I had a fabulous time! Thanks for all of your hospitality!


  6. I am way behind on blog reading...i am unilaterally ignoring everyone due to an overload of vanilla obligations which I know you get fully! I forgot about that hairbrush Episode! I don't think I got more than 10 hours of sleep that entire weekend! So nice to come here and recapture those happy memories. It was so much fun. We e will have to do it again someday! Hugs!

    1. I can completely understand the ignoring because of vanilla…obligations. The hairbrush made me giggle…I'm not usually so…through your friend under the bus…but in this case, it's bound to wind up being fun for her…right?? EEK, maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. You're so much fun…thanks for the laughs!!!



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