Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Three Submissives Go To The Music Festival

Well, I had a fabulous day with
fellow bloggers, sofia and nilla.

I got up early and drove to
where sofia lives.

It's a long drive…but so worth it.
I listened to a book on tape 
and time went quickly!

When I was close, sofia texted me 
and told me to drive slowly,
they were about 20 minutes away
and driving home.

I told her that I didn't know how :)
(sadly, the truth)
but that I'd make a stop along the way.

When I got back in my car,
I texted her and asked where they were.
She said "We're here."

When I drove up, there was no house number
and I had a sudden case of the nerves.

So silly…I mean, I've met sofia several times,
and I love her!
and I've been friends with nilla for a while,
but all of a sudden I was insecure.
Nilla and sofia have known each other for so long
and I am new to this friendship
and what if I'm annoying? don't measure up?
don't fit in?  am uncomfortable?

So, with a bit of trepidation,
I pull up my big girl panties 
(yes, I was wearing some)
and walk up and
I ring the doorbell.

Then I have the …
SHIT, what if it isn't the right house?

But, thank goodness,
I could see pictures of 
sofia and her family.

Then sofia's Sir walks to the door,
clearly fresh from the shower,
pulling his hair back and 
opening the door in greeting.

As I walk through the door,
my nerves calm and I am immediately
happy that I'm here.

I met nilla almost immediately.

She is fabulous!

Exuberant, bubbly, hilariously funny,
FULL of double entendres and slutty inappropriate comments 
I felt right at home and laughed immediately.

sofia is more soft spoken,
more the observer, organizer,
nurturer, but still oh so fun.

We were only at sofia's home for a half hour
before we were heading to an outdoor venue
for an amazing music festival.

sofia's Sir was doing dishes in the kitchen and 
as soon as nilla and I were in the kitchen,
he clarified, "Now, before you think that sofia
has this Dom trained, I do the dishes on Tuesday (I think)
and Saturday and today is Saturday, so I'm doing the dishes."

I thought this was the most hilarious thing…
He was making sure we knew he wasn't … IDK.  
It was entirely too darling.  
He is a fabulous man.

So…we head out, sofia, nilla and I,
to the music festival,
We're meeting sofia's Sir at the festival later.

The music is wonderful,
the venue's are really fabulous,
the weather is divine, albeit a bit warm!

It really was just so much fun.
We sang, 
we listened,
we laughed,
we chatted. 

We went to a bar…
wicked cool…a gigantic fish tank acted as the bar ledge where we sat.
nilla was wigged out a bit by the fish.

I sat next to nilla,
who hadn't been in a bar since, forever,
and was a total cheap date…getting tipsy in a few sips
(well that and her massive sleep deprivation)

We giggled, 
innuendoes flying,
we chatted about vanilla and kink, 
slipping from one to the other continually.

It was so refreshing to be able to share…
EVERYTHING…all parts. 

We made sexually explicit jokes or comments, continually.
Adolescent boys had nothing on us! 

We laughed and laughed and laughed.
It was nourishing to my soul to be with these two 
amazing, bright, caring, hilarious, submissive women

Here are our beautiful colorful toes in the grassat the music festival


  1. What a wonderful day, so glad for you all!

  2. Sounds like tons of fun was had by all.....
    hugs abby

  3. Oh how fun! My Master has been known to wash a dish on occasion too, just to be nice.

    1. hahaha. Mine washes dishes on a regular basis, ancilla. He is fabulous at laundry too. For us, that isn't tied to submission or dominance.


  4. How awesome! So glad you subbie-gals had a great time!!!!
    XOXO Pearl

    1. You know it Pearl. Sub-girl time was so nourishing! Fabulous and wonderful!


  5. I want to know who's who!

    If I were to guess... Sofia is the dark red, Nilla is blue, and you are the light red. How close did I come?

    1. Hehehehe…never thought of that. Um…sorry to say 0/3. Try again?


  6. O, it was so much fun, and you do such a wonderful job describing it!!! I am still recuperating from the weekend so to speak, but hope to be blogging myself soon. It was wonderful spending time with you, i just wish you could have stayed longer.

    Sir says it was a pleasure to have you here - you fit his bill of "bright, open-minded and witty." Come back anytime!!



    1. You poor thing…you have been running like a house-a-fire! I hope your life slows down and you get a moment to breath…or sleep ;)

      Thanks for your amazing hospitality. Please tell your Sir that I appreciate his 'bill'…very complimentary :)


  7. Congrats on a great time! It really is nice not to have to censor yourself quite so much in conversation when it comes to kink :-)

    1. It was unbelievably freeing and fun! I didn't realize how much I needed this weekend, River. It was fab!


  8. I am glad the three of you had fun.


  9. ...Because subs just wanna have fuun... :)

    Now which one is which please?


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