Thursday, March 5, 2015

DelFonte's Question

Thanks for the questions.

I really appreciate them, really!
It's interesting to explore questions that people ask...think about something I haven't thought about before...things that I often just hadn't thought about or explored - both vanilla and kinky.  So...really - Thank YOU!

Please feel free to ask more or follow-up.  I'm also happy to ask my Sir, as I know you rarely actually hear from he doesn't read or write anywhere in blogland.  But I can ask and relay information.

DelFonte asked and I'll answer:
1. What are you looking forward to most about being a slave and how do you think the shift to M/s will compare to how your dynamic currently works?
I actually think it is our normal D/s but just...more.  I am working on being much more obedient and he has certainly been more...dominant on the whole.  I don't know if anything will change other than we have solidified our places much more than before.  I could be wrong, but that's my current thought.

2. What music have you been listening to lately?
A LOT!  I listen and sing all the time with the kids and without.  So...I pulled up my iPod play list and my most frequently placed recent files are...
      Take Me to Church by Hozier
      Centuries by Fall Out Boy
      Animals by Maroon V
      Lips are Movin by Meghan Trainor
      Style by Taylor Swift
      Fancy by Iggy Azalea
      Habits by Tove Lo 


  1. Thanks for answers. I recognise Maroon 5 but not the others. I'm slipping behind on the current music scene....

  2. You're welcome DF. Hahahah...we're HUGE music listeners. Could be a difference in country?? IDK.



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