Monday, March 30, 2015

Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you to tori for the nomination.

The rules...UGH, I'm not a born rule follower!  Blogland is always so challenging to me :)

1)  Put the award logo in your post
2)  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3)  Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs
4)  Let them know you nominated them

tori's questions

1)  You win £5,000 what do you spend it on, nothing boring like bills etc...for yourself, both, home etc?
So today that would equal $7380.70 or 6817,09 Euro...hmmmmm well if I can't pay bills...then...tuition for my kids school, buy screens for my windows or a screen door or help pay for summer travel plans or buy gifts for my husband and kids.  I'm kinda a practical girl like that.  I don't like to spend much on me, but I do LOVE to spend money on my Sir and kids and we have a long list of things we need for our house. Sadly, I'd probably spend it on nothing fun.

2)  Your significant other, gives you the option of doing something kink wise, for one night, your choice, whatever you like, free reign..what you going to do?
free  That WOULD be exciting.  I would love to go to a club (kink) or have another join us for a night, or have him use the spreader bar and really restrain me and use me and SPANK me and FLOG me and fuck me and and and .... yikes, I'm all hot and bothered now.  UGH.

3)  Breakfast in bed, chilling together or a night out at your favourite restaurant?
This is SO easy!  Chilling together.  We don't get enough time to just chill.  We're always multi tasking...chilling means working and chilling or cleaning and chilling or folding clothes and chilling.  Just to have time to relax together!  YEA!  Breakfast in bed, no way - don't like breakfast too much.  Favorite restaurant, yes - but can't beat time with Master to hang (literally and figuratively)!

4)  Whats the last music album you bought/downloaded?
We listen to a LOT of music as a the car, in the house, on iPods, all the time!

Well, let me take a look at my phone, just a minute.  

Ok, well last few songs were: an old one - Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega,  Bright by echosmith, Centuries by Fall Out Boy, Animals by Maroon 5, Lips are Movin by Meghan Trainor.

5)  What advice would you give your 18 year old self looking back, knowing what you do know now, about choose?
Hmmm...well 18 was a pivotal year!  

1.  Don't change majors!  Stick it out.  
2.  Study and don't skip classes, dumb-ass!
3.  Keep drinking and keep having fun!  So worth it.  Let go a little more!
4.  Jump your Sir (ya, would have NEVER said Sir, I would have thrown up a little a LOT at 18 if I had told me that he would be my Master and I would be submissive to him.)  Yes, I was 18 when I started dating him.  
5.  Learn grace.  Don't argue with others even if you are right.  Learn to be graceful.
6.  You are beautiful.  Embrace that!  
7.  Some of your best friends right now will be gone in the next 10-15 years.   Enjoy every minute with them and always tell people how you feel about them!

What can I was definitely a HUGE year!

6)  New shoes or a new dress? why that choice? you cant have both lol
New shoes.  I'm not really happy with my size or weight right now, so clothes are a necessary evil and not something fun at the moment.  But shoes are a blast!

7)  Do you have any rules/expectations you wish you didn't have or are there rules/expectations you don't have but would like?

I wish I could bite his lip all the time.  I love to do it.  He hates it and spanks me or slaps me HARD every time I do it.  So it's almost never any more!  I wish i had more rules from him...but who am i kidding.  We're treading water keeping our heads bobbing in the ocean of daily life right now.  No more anything.

ok, the difficult part...nominees

trying to gleam who was nominated already...I'll try to pick some I haven't see nominated yet.  Sorry if I double up.

1)  ancilla at A slave to Master

2)  abby at finally finding "me"

3)  Conina at Exploring Surrender

4)  nilla at VanillaMom

5)  sofia at Loving Submission

6)  subkitty at His omega

7)  julie at MPB

8)  ronnie at ronniesoul

OK - sorry, I got a bit carried away!

And the 7 questions

1)  What scares you most about TTWD, and conversely what are you most gratified about your journey through TTWD?

2)  What is your favorite tradition surrounding your birthday (or if you don't have one - around a holiday that you like)?

3)  If you're home alone, is there music playing, a television on, or quite in your home?

4)  What's your favorite book, movie and song?

5)  If you were 18, found your blog and read it, what would your reaction be?

6)  What qualities, do you think, is your significant other is most attracted to in you?

7)  What is your favorite toy to make you cum?  What's a fantasy of yours using that toy?

Well...there you go.  Have fun!


  1. Thank you, Fiona!! Now i guess i better go back to my blog and get to work. :-)

  2. Thanks...will get to it later today...loved your answers...number 5 especially.
    hugs abby

    1. Thank you Abby! I look forward to seeing your answers.


  3. Thanks fiona...I'm really bad about doing these things but this looks interesting. :D Great questions that you answered.


    1. PLEASE answer - either my questions or the ones Tori asked me!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLease!!!


    2. And you know, 'nilla, the only reason i didn't nominate you for this award is because i noticed that fiona already had. So i vote that you should play too!!

  4. Thank you for taking part, i know some people dont like to, especially when it comes to nominating, that i hate, because i figure that if people are on my blog roll then they know i like reading there lol

    Great answers..loved the not biting lip, go on....dare you lol :)


    1. You know, this was really fun!! Thanks for the nomination!

      And YOU ARE NOT NICE! I need no encouragement to break that rule and get Him wicked pissed at me! He gets so damn cranky when I do it. He's almost completely broken me of the habit. The consequences hurt like hell - not in the good ways.


  5. Thank you! I'm working on my Q and A now.

    1. Thanks for being such a good sport ancilla


  6. Thanks. Loved reading yours answers, especially no2:)

    Busy this week and have two posts ready to go but will definitely do it next week.


    1. did say free reign :)

      Thanks for playing along ronnie!


  7. Great answers. Nice to learn more about you.

  8. Thanks Fiona, I will answer these when I return to the real world on Tuesday xx

    1. Thanks julie! I appreciate it.



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