Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Cane and the Teddy Bear

After dinner I went into our room
and began to fold clean clothes
(oh mundane)

Sir came up behind me and
put his arms around.
He fondled my breasts,
took off my bra,
and pinched and pulled my nipples
until I was starting to moan.

He whispered in my ear
that he was very happy with what I had made for dinner
and that I had not been too inappropriate
when he was late for dinner
and that I was doing such a better job of listening
and obeying.

He told me that as a reward,
he would cane me,
so I was to drop my pants and lay over the side of the bed.

I quickly did, and he retrieved the cane.

He tapped so nicely and I was really enjoying
until he TAPPED.

then he immediately went back to light
As I started to moan,

Then as the pattern continues and I'm starting to
really let go,
he tells me to start asking for it.

So when the pain morphs into warm, yummy feelings
I have to ask.
If I don't ask quickly enough the TAP is excruciating...
ok - not excruciating but really severe.


Later, I was talking to Sir and said,
"Sometimes, would you just let me float away,
and not pull my back?"

He asked what I meant and I explained
that as he makes me ask for things
or communicate, that he pulls me back
from floating away on my endorphins high into
lovely floaty sub-space.

and he laughs...
NOT an evil laugh...
a total teddy bear laugh,
grins at me,
and says,
"Well, I guess, that's just part of the sadist in me."

So freaking incongruous...
talking about the sadist in him
all the while smiling like a
cuddly, darling, teddy bear.

Oh, do I ever love my Master!


  1. I prefer to have little or no conversation during a caning, its not helpful lol, but yet i do like to count for myself, but as i drift off the count goes awry.

    They can be so mean sometimes when they stop one drifting!


    1. I don't know what appeals to him...keeping me tethered to reality. Oh well...I guess it's not for me to understand :) I frequently try to count to myself, but sadly I don't really make it very far. Oh well.


  2. I rather not communicate at all.. or better it is not much of a choice I fall silent… other than the moaning and whimpering I usually do. So sometimes I am just taken on a path that I float away and he looks at me totally content and happy.
    However when he just goes for his own satisfaction and the sadist arrises far more on the surface I can feel so darn happy, just because I see that cheshire cat grin on his face. Although…. it hurts as hell ;-)

    thanks for your post

    1. Hi ara. Thanks for commenting! I would rather not communicate either. a moth to a flame...we masochists are drawn to those sadists, and those damn cheshire cat grins!



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