Monday, October 15, 2012

A Blog For A Flog

I started this blog with the blessing of Sir.  I showed him the blog prior to any content being written.  I asked if he wanted to view any posts before I published them, to which he said, "No." So I have published a few posts - and I had told him that I had done them.  He had said that he wanted to read them, but then life happened.  He promised to read it yesterday when we came home.  We came home from running errands and he immediately started watching a game on TV.  I did not want to nag him, but I was very frustrated.  I huffed, I sulked, I was irritated and disappointed.  When I realized that I was being petulant, I walked over to him, knelt before him, placed my head on his lap and said I was sorry.  I immediately felt my submission and knew that was where I was supposed to be.  He stroked my head and held it to him.  When I began to get up, he held me in place and my stomach dropped.  He wasn't ignoring me, he was doing what HE wanted to do, when HE wanted to do it.  When the game ended, he turned off the TV and simply said, "Bed, now" and pointed.

I stood up and as I started walking, he told me to get the computer and the flogger.

As I came into our room, I set the computer in the middle of the bed and went to get the flogger.  I came in, he held out his hand, took the flogger and he told me to 'assume the position.'  Now I know when he has a spanking implement, that 'position' he refers to is me, naked, bent over the side of the bed.  He lay in the middle of the bed with me over the side behind him.  He was ignoring me - again!  Argh.

He was quietly looking at the computer and I couldn't see him, see his face, tell what he was thinking.  I was sooo nervous, worried, embarrassed, uncertain, anxious.  Oh why did I think I could start a blog.  Why did I think this was a good idea.  What was I thinking?  I close my eyes and focus on my breathing in an effort to calm my nerves.

He shuts the computer screen, gets off the bed and walks around.  He tells me to give him my hand.  Is he going to hit my hand?  Is he unhappy?  Did he find it displeasing?

ZZZZZ   He unzips his pants?

He places his very hard cock in my hand and says, "I like what you wrote."

He liked it?  OH - he like it!

He steps away from my hand and then OUWW!  I forgot he had the flogger.  He doesn't warm up, he simply flogs - VERY HARD over my ass. It is very thuddy.  My breathing is picking up, moaning more while he's getting harder with each swing.  It's almost like he is flogging something two feet on the other side of my ass.  WOW breathe it's breathe intense breathe.  I'm breathing harder, my head is beginning to get fuzzy.

"Spread your legs. NOW," he says and begins to flog my thighs and OH - my pussy.  Wow - the flogger is wrapping around.  OH OH - it's hitting, Aaahhh - it hit my clit.  My breathing is so fast - all I hear is keening and panting - from me!

"Roll over and get up on my bed," he says - still flogging my legs.  Keeping my eyes closed, I roll over onto my back and scoot, very ungracefully, to the middle of the bed.  Without missing a beat he continues to flog me.  He's flogging my stomach, my breasts.  The falls land on my nipples and I can feel them hardening even further.  Ahhh - how I love to have my breasts flogged.

He is still clothed, and I am naked.  My skin is so sensitized.  He mounts me and his clothes feel so abrasive.  He fucks - hard, slamming into me.  Oh his cock is so hard and - AAHH.  With one hand he cups my breast and then pulls at my nipple.  He rolls and twists as he pumping into me.  Just as he pinches very hard, I open my eyes WIDE with a Holy Hell sort of look.  He grabs the back of my neck and spins me so he is under me and pulls my ear to his mouth.  With his free hand he pushes me down onto him and he pumps up to make an sound impact.

"Tell me," he says.  I'm breathing so hard and feeling overwhelmed with sensation.

"TELL ME!"  he says.  Oh he's talking to me!

He's holding my head in place and spanking my ass with his free hand.  What on EARTH is he talking about?  He does this sometimes and I have NO idea how to form a single coherent thought, let alone what I should be thinking about telling him.

"Tell me what you are!"  -  spank

breathe, fiona.  breathe.  Shit, no,  I mean speak fiona.  Speak!

I whisper, "yours" on an exhale.

"What are you??"

"Yours," I say in a whisper, but with a little more intent.

"Good Girl," he says then continues with a growl,  "you are MINE!"

With that, I arch my back and scream, throwing my head, he releases my hair and I cum.  I can feel my pussy clenching around his cock.  He must be able to feel it pulsing too, because he cums - loudly.  There is very little that is more amazing than hearing Sir cum LOUDLY.

I feel his cock pulsing in answer to my pussy.

He grabs my back and holds me to him.

"I love you," I say to him.  "I love you too - and fiona, you are MINE!" he repeats.   In response to his statement, I roll off, bend over and clean his beautiful, hard cock with my mouth - affirming that indeed,

oh - and he LIKED my blog (YEA!!)


  1. Wow! Exceptional outcome to what started out so badly. (And who hasn't felt a bit pissy about whether or not they are reading and/or liking the blog???)

    Excellent telling. :)

    1. I am working on not feeling pissy so much - clearly not there yet...but I did catch myself prior to him correcting me - that was good.

  2. WOW! Nothing like setting the record straight. I do understand about His reading the blog...I started mine at Master's insistence..He wanted it to be a place where I could say whatever i was feeling...He gets a copy of each post. When I start to feel like He is not reading them...because of no comments from Him..I start to get "pissy" all it takes to resolve much!
    hugs abby

    1. mmmmm MINE - solves a myriad of issues =)

  3. It is a bit nerve wracking when you don't know if they are reading or not or if they like what they read. So glad he cleared t up so nicely for you :)

    1. Him reading it in front of me WITHOUT me being able to see him was seriously nerve wracking...but the clearing it up was ... heaven.

  4. Laughing... well, it's a lovely blog, and i'm so glad for you that he likes it. Sir doesn't typically read mine, but when He does, i'm holding my breath til He says something.


    1. I don't expect Sir to read mine always either...but certainly don't want to disappoint if he does. It's always such a balancing act.

  5. We have all been there- I set mine up w so that when I post he gets an email- goes right to his phone. Easier for the both of us!

    1. I wish I could do the same. Sadly Sir keeps work and not-work very separate...and his phone is a work phone.

  6. Congratulations on one of the most well written blogs I have read for a while. Thoroughly enjoyed each and every post so far and look forward to more.....

    BTW.... "breathe, breathe. Shit NO, speak!" I sooooo relate to that one.
    While being inundated with pleasure and torment, please is about the only thing I can ever think of to say!

    1. Thank you very much. I just clicked over to yours and have been reading - Yea! Oh and your tatt is absolutely is so delicate! I truly love it! Sir has a tendency to ask me questions when he KNOWS there is almost no coherent though going on.

  7. *claps*
    So excited! I just found you - why didn't you tell me you had started blogging? I usually check but it's been a while since I have.

    There is nothing quite so yummy as the growl and the 'MINE' - holy fluffing heck - yes! Yours!

    Oh, and the Jedi mind trick did not work - so it must be the blog I was looking for ;)

    1. Blogging is all brand new - so you didn't miss anything :) How do you check?

      Yes - his proclamation of ownership,'s goooo-inspiring!

      I love that you made the Star Wars reference...what can I say, I'm a hopeless geek =)

    2. When you click a bloggers name it has the blogs they write at the top right, and the blogs they follow on the bottom right :) That's how I find new blogs to read, lol.

  8. Told you it could be an excellent tool. :)... to get you LAID more. Hah.

    Also other things. The whole window into your head is pretty valuable for the other half, in my experience.

    1. O_o Well isn't he just sneaky! You know our blog was Daddy's idea, and I thought it was to help me stay in touch with my submission while he was deployed, and so that I could have fellowship. But I never realized...till now,thanks, Conina, that it is a window into how I think - granted we talk about everything, but there are always those things that you don't understand yourself, and I HAVE found that blogging helps to crystallize those things, but it never occurred to me it was a tool to help him understand me better. Silly June, lol I'll have to ask him about that.

    2. They can be really sneaky. :) Glad to have helped a bit.

  9. yeah, great post. love it when they say MINE. and growl it!!

    and you know, you shoulda told me you started your blog! hrmph. i had to find out from kitty! Tsk.

    anyway i'm glad you've started. and we're still curious as to what MLB stands for...

    1. Yikes...just started and already in trouble. I would tell you if I knew how to =)
      Thanks for finding me through kitty - it was sweet of her to share my blog.

    2. yuppers. i'm adding you to my blogroll!! and i'll put up a post telling the rest (who might have missed it on Kitty's)


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