Thursday, October 25, 2012

*Smack* *Slap*

Warning:  Long, albeit hot, Post Ahead.


I am sitting on the bed, just out of the shower.  My hair is wrapped in a towel, as is my clean, smooth warm, sensitized body.  I am sitting on the side of the bed, towards the top.  Sir walks purposefully up to me.  I nervously look up at him.  Nervous, you ask - why nervous?  Well, I had not made the best of choices at the end of the night where he was concerned.  I was not necessarily respectful, thoughtful, or understanding of a Sir who has worked excessive hours lately to provide for his family and is fried.

He looked at me.  He leaned down, for a kiss, I thought.  His face about two inches from mine, eyes looking through his black rimmed glasses - boring into me.  I was transfixed.  I didn't notice that his hands weren't visible.  His left hand quickly grabbed my left calf and he yanked.  YANKED and in a split second, I was on my back, towel fallen open beside me, left leg crossed to my right ear and pinned against the iron headboard. Sir's hand effortlessly moved to my ankle and encompassed the cold, hard, bed post in his grip.  

As my mind is racing to catch up with what is happening, he quickly swats my ass.  It's not a gentle swat.  What the Fuck is he doing - OW that HURTS.  He's quick.  He's grouping them.  He's hitting just the one side of my ass five times at a stint - each one a steady 8 on the Richter scale.  At one of his pauses, I catch my breath. 

"What are you doing?" I ask
"What do you mean?" he says so innocently.
"That hurts like hell, what are you doing differently?"
And with a wicked glint in his eyes, he smiles. He fucking smiles!  Argh!
 "I don't know."  

I throw my hands above my head.  I grab the sheets and breath.  He spanks me in the exact same spot and I have never felt it sting like it is now.  I know it's just his hand, but it's stingier than that blasted brush.  I feel like the sting goes six inches deep.  My nerves are on fire.  Even writing this today, I can FEEL exactly where he hit me!

He stops, rubs my bright red cheek.  It must be on fire.  He looks at the color.  I feel like he is overlooking his property the way he touches and observes with such coolness.  He proceeds to let go of my ankle and immediately pins my wrist against the bed.  Oh - what is he doing??  He reaches his other hand and rubs from my cheek (on my face), to my throat - giving it a quick squeeze, to my nipple - giving a good firm tug and then repeating on the other nipple.  It's as if he is just adjusting my nipples so they are in the position he wants them - perky and tall.  He leaves my other nipple and drags his finger to my...what?  He's under my arm ... 

- - AHHHH- Ha Ha Ha - - 

He's tickling me!  Now tickling has never been much a part of our play, but he's making me hysterical.

- - Ahhhhh - hahahahaha - -

I am truly out of my mind.  Laughing, gasping...

- - h h h h h h - -

My breathing is so erratic ...

I , I , i , i start to cough - I start to choke.  

Wow, well that wasn't sexy!

He lets me up and climbs on the bed.  I roll over and he pulls me into his side - with me on my back.  His arm is under my head.  I laugh and apologize for ruining the mood.  He chuckles and begins to let his hand traverse my body.  This time, he starts with my nipples - pinching, pulling, ahhh - twisting.  He moves to my throat and holds it firmly for a minute.  I gasp.  He squeezes and then puts his hand on my cheek.  

He rubs my cheek.  His hand, splayed full across the side of my face.  I lean into him.  He OWNES me.  

"Ask me."  he says.

"Ask me for it fiona!" he commands.

"please," I squeak out, my voice cracking with nervousness.

"Please, what?" he retorts.

"p," I exhale.  "please."  

he waits ...
              ... and I SCREAM internally - WHY DO YOU MAKE ME ASK?!?!

Taking a deep breath, I whisper, "please slap me."

                    I melt, I physically melt into the bed.  I mentally melt into him.  

"Ask me, fiona." he commands.

"please slap me."


    *slap*     "PLEASE"  *slap*

I melted, continued heating and have ignited!  I am ravenous.  I am awash with need, with want, with desire, with submission, with NEED.  I am now moaning, twisting and turning on the bed - close to orgasm.

"Have you had enough?" he asks.  "Unh," I moan in reply.

"ASK" he commands.

"plea.."  *slap*

"Have you had enough?"

“no…” I whisper.  It’s always a miracle when I realize I actually was able to eek out the response I was shouting in my head.

“Then ask for it, Fiona”

“Ple –“    *slap*

He grabs my head off of his arm and pushes me to his crotch.  He is hard.  Oh my - He is HARD.  My stomach does a summersault.  I am always astonished when he is turned on by dominating me.  So often, let my mind eat away at my confidence in our D/s (for no good reason, mind you.)  I feel like he only dominates me because I want to submit and then there he is.  He has spanked me, prodded and pinched me, slapped me, AND He IS rock hard and using me as HE sees fit!  Oh My God I am so euphoric!

My mouth is pushed onto his cock.  It is - UNH - MMMMMMM.  I suck like my life depended on it.  I am truly hungry for HIM.  I suck, lick, kiss, lap at his cock.  I move my head franticly up and down the length of him.  

He grabs my arms and pulls me up – on top of him. "Were you as excited as I was, fiona?"  he says - almost detached.   He doesn’t slowly push his cock into my folds to then glide into me – he simply pushes straight in. 

“Come here” he commands as he grabs the back of my head and positions my ear next to his mouth.

“Oh, Fiona, you were as excited as I was. How do I know?” his voice soaring on the current of his warm, erotic breath.

Oh my!!

I’m moving on top of him at wild pace. I am almost frantic with need – with desire. 

“Tell me how I know, Fiona!” he growls

He pushes up into me – grinding his pelvis into mine.   I still.  We’re connected, we are one...and He stills.  We both cum.  I feel him shooting deep inside.   We are still!

oh my god – we are NEVER still, I am NEVER quiet. 

We cum – I clench around his cock firing into my excited, wet, needy pussy.

We are still and we are one.


  1. You sure were right about the HOT part..very! We are one...nice ring to it.
    hugs abby

    1. Thank you abby. It is an odd moment - we felt very, very connected - more than physically. Our souls were connected - I don't know. Thanks though =)

  2. Very hot indeed. It is great to connect in that way, especially when things have been said earlier on! Great when it is so unexpected J xx

    1. ...all great - and gooey - and hot - and hmmmmm
      Yes, connection is great, deep connection is spiritual.
      thank you!

  3. I like the part where he tells you to ask and then doesn't let you finish asking before he's on you. .... it's tingly.

    1. tingly =)
      I hate it when he makes me ask....and I'm sure that's why he does's the mind fuck - yes Sir!

  4. That ^ is high praise, fiona:) Conina is the queen of HAWT :) I adore that feeling of being lost in the delicious and not understanding, and being carried away on currents too strong to resist ----- yummmmmm!

    1. High praise indeed *curtseys* Ms. Conina is too kind and definitely the queen of hawt!!
      It's amazing how those gale force winds tend to just sweep me away - but sadly I do enjoy resisting sometimes too :0

    2. ♥ you guys. *blushing* Thanks.

    3. Ms. Conina, 'tis nothin' but the truth ma'am


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