Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Puppet Orgasmed to Tears

His lips are on mine, soft and loving. You know how some kisses are just...luscious.  His tongue dancing with mine, heating, building urgency.   His hands on my head, our bodies lying flush against each other.  I can feel him hardening against me.  There is an energy around us and an intimacy that is palpable.

He had been so loving and so gentle.  Our kiss breaks and I look into his eyes.  He gazes at me and I whisper,  “Make love to me.” 

He holds my gaze.  His eyes seem to darken, I don’t know how he does it without a word, but he Doms-up.  He is not my lover, he is my Sir, I am his sub, I am His.  I know my place.

One of his hand that had been gently holding my head during the kiss, tightens and my hair pulls taught. The other hand moves and gently caresses my cheek.  Oh, I can feel my insides clench, by stomach drop, my pussy moisten.  I lean into his hand and close my eyes. 


Not hard, just claiming.  “Mmmhhh,” I moan.

And the mood  is set. 

He rolls onto his back and I move to curl around his body.   I open my mouth and hungrily begin to give his hardness the attention it deserves.  I kiss, lick, slurp, suck.  He reaches his hand down and starts to play with my erect nipples.  He pinches, I suck…he rolls, I suck (mmmmm) …he squeezes, I suck (ohhhhh) …he flicks, I suck…

The fire is burning, the energy builds.

He moves his hand down and pulls me off of my side, onto my knees, my head still buried on his head.  He spanks and a rhythm builds.  He’s striking me as he lifts his hips and pumps his cock and pushes down my throat.  I moan.  It’s mind-numbing – all of the senses that are being stimulated.  My backside is stinging, my insides turning, my mouth full, gag - my breath taken away - remember to breath.

And just like before, he suddenly shifts, putting his palm on my sex.  He grasps – he squeezes, I freeze -  stop breathing.   Once again, he claims me.  He releases me and quickly puts his thumb inside.  I am dripping, there is an obvious squishing noise as he moves his thumb in and out and I'm building to a fever pitch.  I’m sucking – harder – I’m moving up and down his penis like it is the piston on a freight train.  He’s moving, curling his thumb and hitting the most amazing love button inside.  And I feel myself, I feel the energy surging, I feel the build…and I impale myself on his cock while I start to pulse around him.  My orgasm a title wave, washing over me.

I figure this portion of our show is over, I have cum.  He keeps his thumb in me.  It's time for him, time for him to cum, but I need a minute.  I breath – no more accurately, I pant.  Then comes his command.



That’s right, I heard him but I don’t think I processed anything. 

Squeeze it, Fiona!” he commands again.

He knows, I cum much faster and it is much more intense when I squeeze against that which impales me.  When it is his finger, there is no half-assing it, he can tell.  I’ve got to be all in.  I refocus on him.  I lift my head up and begin to pump again on him.  I redouble my suction, the seal my lips make around his girth.  I pump feverishly and … squeeze.  OHHH.  OOHH.  His thumb moves, he pushes it in and hits my pelvis - forcefully.  At the same time he hits, he curls his thumb under my pubic bone.  Ahhhh – I suck – I moan – I squeeze – i, i.

I cum.  I am impaled on his thumb and I cum like the puppet I am.  He pauses and I pant and he starts again.  Oh no – Oh no – Oh no.

i cum

I am rung out, I am spent.  I can’t breath, I can’t catch my breath, my head is literally swimming.


Oh I can’t.  I can’t squeeze again, I can’t cum again, I can’t. 

I squeeze and he starts again.  My mouth is wide open, holding his dripping cock.  I can taste his salty precum as it slides down my tongue from the back of my throat.  I start to build and I start to grunt and groan and moan.


I am simply his puppet.  His thumb in me moving me as he chooses.

the world stops … nothing

I have no idea of time …my mind is blown.

He grabs my hair, pulls and starts to move my body.  He positions me over him – on top of him. I’m sure he’s talking, he may have been all along.  I have no idea, I have no hearing.  Everything is silent in my head. I lower onto him because I am exhausted and my legs are jelly.  I am close to cuming just upon entry.  After the priming,  I am set to blow.  I rise up – my hands fly to my face, tears streaming down, my mouth opens and I …



I’ve been orgasmed to tears, his good little puppet.


  1. Amazing isn't it? Just reading that makes me need a permission.
    hugs abby

    1. Oh, I was out of my mind, for sure! Hope you get permission!!

  2. Mmmm, fuck puppet. Love it. One of my favorite things.

    1. Ya, me too! I love being my Sir's toy!

  3. OH Oh Oh my! Sirqsmlb....that was HOT!


    1. Thank you so much Belle. I was certainly boiling over by the end!


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