Monday, June 24, 2013

My Sir, Our Reunion and His Crop

He met me at the top of the stairs

His hands immediately go to my hair

His lips claim my mouth.

We go to our room and I help unpack his suitcase.

There's time with our kids and then...

"Please close the door so daddy can talk to mommy for a minute."

As soon as the door was closed, I heard him "click" the lock.

He removed my pants and shirt, 

leaving me in my pretty white lace demi-bra and white lace thong.

He lays me on the bed and collects the crop (his implement of choice when noise is an issue)

He lays next to me and pulls my hair to the side.

He puts his mouth next to my ear and starts to talk.

He tells me that we don't have much time, but that he's going to spank me.
all the while rubbing my ass, squeezing, rubbing, squeezing.

He explains that because time is of the essence 

and the kids are readying to go to dinner as he rubs,

the spanking will be fierce, because it needs to be.

He goes on and on as to how he will use the crop with a serious swing.

Three good strikes.

He asks if I understand him.  

"yes, sir."

He swings the crop with a force that brings me off the bed.

He pushes me back down on the bed and rocks his hips into me.

I can feel his rock hard cock through his shorts 

and it's positioned right next to my pussy and I want him.

He leans up and steps away and 

STRIKES me again.

This time I stay in position but about hyperventilate.

As soon as my breathing slows a bit,


That's three.  

Oh I'm not ready.  I don't want this to be over.

It's painful, but after a minute, the sting is tolerable.

"Please.  Please, Sir."  I say

"Please what, fiona?

"Please, more."

He begins again.

He is striking with a force he has NEVER before hit me with.

I come off the be and he puts me right back in place.

It hurts but in such a wonderful way.

He stops abruptly as it's time for dinner.

He kisses me, 
tells me to put daisy clamps 
on my nipples for dinner 
and leaves the room.

I put on the clamps 

and admire the stripes before 

dressing and heading out for dinner.


I feel .... 

that's for sure.

I'm feeling infinitely better physically

and I suppose mentally, too


It will still take some time.   

My submissive side is quick to blend with Domme-Mom.

I have to keep it in check so that it doesn't ....


peek out with Sir or worse...take over.


  1. There were times, when I was still teaching junior high...(my class room was NOT a democracy!)...Master and i would meet after school..and He wanted to know why i was not acting like His submnissive...I would just look and shake my head. He would get me there..just as your Sir knows how to also.
    hugs abby

    1. Teacher Domme doesn't immediately go away...Mommy Domme either. It's not Clark Kent taking off his glasses and BAM. But I do love that they can get us there. Thank goodness!!!


  2. Glad you're reunited. Being the Domme-mom and sub-wife must be a balancing act and I'm not surprised things go off kilter, especially when you're apart.
    sounds like Sir is putting the balance back in order :)
    We recently tried a crop and all I can say is OUCH; it may be quieter but my mouth was not!

    1. It's a balance that is so easily tipped and that requires some adjusting on a regular basis.

      Oh, have you not tried the crop before? Yes, it can be VERY OUCHY....but it can be very fan-fucking-tabluous. Keep at can be really precise too, which is wonderful when it's applied to nipples or clit!


  3. fiona,

    I am so glad the two of you reconnected so well. I have observed with many of my real life kinky friends that are submissive to one person, but very dominant with everyone else. I am the same way, I can be very dominant in vanilla life, but turn on the submission switch for my Dommes.


    1. Oh, me too joey. I wonder what makes us tick. Sometimes for me, it's BECAUSE I'm so dominant in so many other situations that I CRAVE letting go and being submissive. But honestly, it's deeper than that as well. I dream about it. I fantasize about it. I desire submissiveness above dominance EVERY time.

      Thanks for sharing your experience as well. I appreciate it. It is always validating to know I'm not alone.


  4. fiona! This is wonderful! How great that he was able to "turn you back on" and get you headed into your submissive mode so quickly. And did I mention how hot that is! Just a few seconds of their time, fisting our hair, etc can make a huge difference.


    1. He's always able to flip my switch...physically, mentally, submissively. It doesn't always take a lot - like you said. Sometimes it's just a look or a tug or a bite.


  5. It sounds like he stepped up, like he always seems to do, when you need him to. You guys have a great communication foundation to build upon.

    1. Yup, stepped up for sure cammie. He's reliable like that. We do have a lengthy and firm foundation on which to build, so we are very fortunate.


  6. You sound well matched to me. Glad everything is right as rain again! :D

    1. Thanks, kitty. I think we are very well matched. I'm greatful to be in a better place, though it's not exactly a home's more like a u-turn getting me back in the right direction.


  7. Domme Mom and submissive wife. So funny the roles, huh? We're all the same.

    Love your posts Fiona.


    1. Thanks Natasha...keeping those lines from getting crossed is the tricky part.



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