Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sir's Answers Kenzie, abby, DelFonte and joey

  1. Please feel free to ask more questions or follow-up.  I'm also happy to ask my Sir, as I know you rarely actually hear from him…as he doesn't read or write anywhere in blogland.  But I can ask and relay information.

Kenzie asked and We'll answer:
Do either of you have a fantasy you haven't explored yet, that you want to?
fiona:  Well my fantasy that we haven't explored yet is for me to be commanded by Sir to be used by others…either spanked or beaten or used sexually (giving blow jobs,etc.)  I would love for Sir to watch or hold me down or tie me down - but it would have to be under his supervision or his command. Ya, I feel totally perverse putting that down…but it's honest.

Sir: To have my sub join in a menage a trios with another woman.
(fiona:  Oh PLEASE!!!  I would adore that!!!)

abby asked and I'll answer:
I have a question for you from Master....He said something about turnabout being fair play...
I assume you have been spanked before cumming?...Have you ever been spanked after cumming? Is there a difference in your sensitivity, in the feel of the spanking?
I can't remember if I have been or not.  Isn't that sad.  I think this is something that we'll have to explore when time permits!!!  For some reason I have to think I have experienced that.  I would imagine that I can't remember, because my brain is typically fairly scrambled after cumming.  I would imaging I would be much more likely to cum from being spanked if I had cum already.  I'm a prime-the-pump and watch it blow kinda girl.  Once I've cum, I'm much easier to cum again, and again, and again =)

DelFonte asked and He'll answer:
Can't resist asking Sir a couple of questions :)
If you had a dungeon, what furniture would you put in it?
And if you could 'train' Fiona in such a room, what would her first lesson be?
Sir:  I would put a home made rack.  This would look something like a sawhorse with padding.  Fiona would lay along the saw horse and I would bind her hands and feet on the legs.  Once I have her on my rack I would use every dildo in the house and fill all of her holes.  I love making her come with a dick gag in her mouth.  Once I had her satiated I would turn off all the lights and make her wait for my next visit.
(fiona:  OK, so reading that made me ridiculously horny!)

joey asked and He'll answer:
Can you ask Sir how he knows what you need and when you need it?
Sir:  The thing Fiona needs most is the release that comes with my dominance.  Once I have complete control of her she basically wants whatever I will give her.  My favorite thing to do is to make her ask for her punishment.  I love it when she begs for a spanking, nipple twisting or her dildo.
(fiona:  OK, so he's totally got my number!  I wish he didn't love making me beg for those things.  It's still so hard, and humiliating and difficult.  I wish he would just take whatever he wants regardless of what I want!)


  1. Wow, you guys have hot fantasies! Nice to
    hear from your Sir as well :-)

    1. I agree River. I love when he's willing to contribute!


  2. Thank you Sir and Fiona for answering our questions. Yes Fiona, he has your number.


    1. Thanks for commenting joey! Yes, he does!


  3. Thank you SirQ for the answers and Fiona's asides made me smile. He knows how to make you horny!


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