Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tori and Pearl's Answers

  1. I will answer in a couple of posts.  Please feel free to ask more or follow-up.  I'm also happy to ask my Sir, as I know you rarely actually hear from him...as he doesn't read or write anywhere in blogland.  But I can ask and relay information.
  2. Tori asked and I'll answer:  

    1) What fantasy/fantasies would you most like to make reality?
    I would love to be used…
    so this is always tricky.  
    saying a fantasy puts a tiny bit of you out on the line and I hope others don't read this and just decide that I'm seriously way to psychotic…but here goes…
    specifically, I fantasize about Sir letting other's use my body for their pleasure.  He arranges it and at times they can use my mouth and tits to their pleasure…other times, he sits in a corner and tells me to be a good girl and lets someone else fuck me…use me.

    2) Have you tried anything (both of you) that upon trying realised it didn't match up to how you thought it would be IE you didn't or he didn't like it?
    I think over the years we have tried many things…once or twice, but not again.  Most of the time space or comfort was more of an issue than anything else.  We don't frequently fuck in a vehicle, in a tiny shower, on the floor because it's just not comfy and we don't have to.  

    3) How did you meet?
    We met a college.  We lived in the same dorm and I adored him…like seriously love at first sight!  It's silly and sounds totally childish…but it was - for me.  I worked my ass off to get him, though.  He was older than me and very popular and insanely brilliant!  
  3. Pearl asked and I'll answer: 
    #1. Biggest irrational fear?
    Hmmmmm, irrational fear…I'm mostly afraid of loosing Sir.  Every time he leaves I feel a bit of angst.  I don't like the basement or the dark particularly.  =)

    #2. Spanking; for pleasure? and/or for punishment?
    Short answer, Yes.  Spanking is typically for pleasure, however he has punished me with wicked, non-sensual spanking and those hurt like hell…physically and emotionally.  But honestly, they're mostly all associated with positive energies/experiences.


  1. College sweethearts......how long did you know each other before you started into the D/s....or were you both kinky from the beginning and it grew?
    hugs abby

  2. fiona,

    Thank you for your answers. You and Sir are an amazing couple.


  3. Isnt it interesting how one persons fantasy is another persons horror lol, your fantasy is something that would scare me!

    I have never had sex in a vehicle!! i feel i should just to say i have lol

    Loving this, so nice to learn little tit bits about each other that we probably might not have.


    1. Tori, you SHOULD have sex in a car…it's got lot's of applications, possible change in location, possible discovery, spur of the moment, fun!


  4. It's so much fun reading your answers, Fiona! I can relate to your fantasy, although i'm pretty positive that i don't really want that...


    1. This is fun! I love learning about everyone. Sadly, I'm pretty positive that I would love it to happen, but that it won't.



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