Monday, March 17, 2014

The Right Way To Solve This.

"We rarely have arguments like this anymore
and this was the right way to solve this one."

How was it solved, 
you may ask?

Well…the turning point came when 
he showed up at home, slammed the door
and yelled, 
"Where in the hell are you?"

Now, first off, Sir almost never yells.
Second, slamming doors is a pet peeve.
Third, he NEVER comes home from work.

apocalypse anyone?

He marches upstairs and 
holds the hysterical mess that is me at the moment.

After backing me into a corner and 
just holding tight, even when I push and resist,
he calms me down.

Once calm, he kisses me,
then puts his hand over my throat.

He whispers in my ear 
that he's going back to work, 
but not before he spanks me.

I ask him just to hug me.
He replies that he'll hug me,
but that he needs to spank me before he leaves.

After a wonderful bear hug,
where I am well and truly relaxed
from the state I had managed to work myself into,
he moves us both (still hugging me) to the bed.

He turns me around and 
reaches his arms around me.
He unfastens my belt and pants and 
pulls my pants and panties down.

He caresses my ass and then brings his hands up
under my shirt and undoes my bra.

He squeezes my nipples and breasts
and I close my eyes.

He tells me to bend over and 
put my hands all the way above my head.

I do as he asks and he steps away.
He retrieves the crop and asks,
"Do you want it hard or soft, fiona?"
"soft," I whisper back.
"Turn your head to the side so I can hear you,
and ask me for it."
oh, holy hell, I hate, Hate, HATE it when he does that.

"please" I squeak back.
"Please what, fiona?"
"please spank me."
"How?  Ask me for it." he commands.

"please spank me softly."  I reply.


"Ask me again."
"please" I squeak back.
"Please what, fiona?"
"please spank me."
"How?  You have to say it, fiona." he commands.
OH, SHIT!  I thought I could get away with not.  
Come On, just spank me already…however YOU WANT!!

"please spank me softly."  I reply.

(right on that sit spot)


OK, I get it, Ihavetoaskorhe'sjustgoingtostandtherewiththe motherfuckingcroptouchingmyassandnotdoinganything!

"please spank me"









As I reach my ouch limit, I begin to stand up.

He reaches around and grabs my tits.
He twists and pinches and the sting turns
to direct heat and pleasure - both tits and ass!

"Do you want three good strokes?"
"yes, please."
"How hard, fiona?"
"as hard as you like, sir."
"Get into position"

as soon as I am bent back over,
hands over my head,
he strikes low where my ass hits my thighs.

He gives me a minute to process,
then strikes in the middle.
then he strikes just above that and
roughly turns me around.

He unzips his pants and
in one smooth moves, seats himself
balls deep inside of me.

"You are wet, fiona.  Sopping wet.
You needed this."
"yes." I say unembarrassed.
"So did I."
He fucks me hard and fast and 
reaching down he uses his hands to
maul my breasts.  

After the crying, the hugging,
the crop and the hard fuck with nipple play,
I'm so there.  
He squeezes one more time hard and 
as I try to catch my breast,
he smacks my face.  
I Cum, 
long and hard and fulfilling.

He did as well (though not in thirty seconds).

I have to concur with him,
it was the right way to solve this.

We both feel…BETTER!


  1. You had me up to the face slap, but it works for you so good on ya.

    1. Him slapping my face does something…seriously wicked to me. I love it. Sorry it turned you off. I just tell it like it was.


  2. Wow, now that is the way to solve an argument! Sometimes a discussion is good, but more often I'd rather solve it your way :-)

    1. I agree…sometimes a discussion is needed and sometimes…I'm thrilled he did what he did.


  3. I'd rather solve it that way any day too!

  4. sounds like a perfect way to solve it!

    1. Oh Renee, it was abso-smurfly-PERFECT!


  5. Counselling SirQ style - it works :)
    Glad things got resolved.

    1. hahaha, well, it certainly WORKED! Or he worked me. Me too.


  6. Perfect solution. Did you really expect him to give you soft spanks? LOL.


    1. Ya, kinda. But I'm glad he didn't.


  7. Replies
    1. Thanks HS…or sub kitty…or kitty. What's the best thing to call you?



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