Friday, March 14, 2014

Tom's Rose, Nilla and Ronnie's Answers

  1. Please feel free to ask more questions or follow-up.  I'm also happy to ask my Sir, as I know you rarely actually hear from him…as he doesn't read or write anywhere in blogland.  But I can ask and relay information.

Tom's Rose asked and I'll answer:
Do you have a favorite movie?
Craziest place you and your hubby have gotten down to business?
Your biggest hurdle in TTWD when you first began?

Favorite movies:
I love movies!  Favorite movie probably depends on my mood…but here are some of my favs.  I adore Princess Bride, Pretty Woman, The Transporter, Frozen, The Heat (so freaking funny)

Crazies Place we've gotten down to business:  
hmmmmmm…maybe my husband's closet (in his Mom's house) when the house was filled with company after a funeral. Or there was the pool full of people at a wedding…In our defense, it was dark…The ocean in mid day in front of a beach full of people…The hot tub at 11:30pm the night before my wedding just before he left so he wouldn't see me the day of our wedding…ya, that's what I can come up with.  

Biggest hurdle in TTWD when we first began:
Well, as we were kinky for forever before we started labeling it or defining it, I'm not really sure.  I think one of the struggles I had when we first started NOT switching was maintaining my submissive attitude when I was so used to being snarky bitchy disrespectful.  I also really struggled with my guilt…feeling like Sir was missing part of himself and that he needed the submission he had give up to Top me.  

nilla asked and I'll answer:
would you ever see your role as slipping back into a Switch with your Sir? Would HE see that, now that he's been the Top for so long? and have you (or would you) play with others (a dungeon scene or something more private)?
Could I see our roles switching back to being switches?  Yes, I could see that.  We spent so so very long as switches, I could see a time that it just worked.  That said, Sir says it's forever, that we're never going back.  We'll see.  I hope we keep whatever role is appropriate so that we stay connected and that our relationship flourishes.  
As to the question of have or would I play with other's…the answer is no and yes.  I haven't ever played with others, other than a mutual friend spanking me once a very VERY long time ago upon Sir's request.  I would absolutely LOVE to play with other's or in front of others or both as long as Sir said it was ok.  Sadly I don't think it would ever happen, but I do think it is one of Sir's biggest fantasies as well…the thought of some guy playing with me on his command sends him sky high!

ronnie asked and I'll answer:
Who would you want to play the role of you in a movie?
Who would I WANT to play me…well that's a fun question.  I would WANT Minnie Driver or Julia Roberts or Nicole Kidman or wait, Melissa McCarthy because she's fucking hilarious!!!  But none of them look like me, I just like them!  Honestly, I'd want ME to play ME in a role of me in a movie =)
What country would you like to visit?
Well this one is equally easy and … not!  I would love to travel, ANYWHERE!  I love Love LOVE to travel!!!  I would go most anywhere.  I would LOVE to go to Germany, Switzerland, Peru, Ecuador, India, Japan, Australia, Wales, England on top of the countries I have already visited!!


  1. Wow, you've done well on crazy places!
    I've always liked the Princess Bride - fencing with Cary Ewles. Very nice.

    1. Hahaha…funny, I don't see myself as having done it in crazy places at all. I adore adore adore Princess Bride!!


  2. Great taste in movies, and in outside "doing it" locations!

    1. Hahahaha…I'm pretty conservative…as is Sir. He's probably more so than me…well maybe.


  3. Fiona,

    Thank you for the answers. I enjoyed learning about the many places you have had fun. You are very daring.

    Can you ask Sir how he knows what you need and when you need it?

    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Thanks joey. We enjoy each other. I don't think I'm daring at all. I will ask him =)



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